Considering Arsenal options for next manger after Wenger

It is now a settled matter that Arsene Wenger will leave Arsenal at the end of the season and lot of planning have been going down as regards giving him a befitting sent forth. With that settled, the club have to look forward and see who could come in as possible replacement early enough to make planning for next season start in earnest.

There have been lot of options from former Arsenal players to top experienced coaches highlighted as the successor to Wenger but non is certain yet of getting the job.

The list of managers to replace Wenger has however in recent time been penciled down to four to five names. Former Barcelona coach, Luis Enrique is one of the names touted to come in while Mikel Arteta has also been a choice many members of the board have clamouring for.

Patrick Vieira is another former player that many feel Wenger is backing to be his successor. Antonio Conte will most likely leave Chelsea at the end of the season and will be available if Arsenal approach him. He will fancy his chances of staying back in London. Masimillano Allegri was one name many felt who come in but in recent interview, he expressed his desire to stay at Juventus beyond this season. Nothing is certain yet and a change of heart could possibly happen.

Looking at the five names above, it is almost certain that Arsenal next manager is one of those five. If that’s the case, assessing them holistically means that Arsenal will have a variety of top managers to pick from. Enrique’s record at Barcelona, winning the treble in his first season at the club was a record only matched by the Pep Guadiola team of 2009 to 2012.

After leaving Barca last summer, he has used this year as a break to improve himself and will definitely be coming back as an improved coach in areas he had issues at Barca. Tactically, he is a manager that is sound and have what it takes to return Arsenal to the zenith of ten premier league. The only storming block is that Chelsea are also keen on getting him to replace Antonio Conte which means both London clubs will have to slug it out for his signature. But one thing is sure, if Enrique joins Arsenal, the club  would have gotten a manager for at least two next five years if he decides to stay.

Mikel Arteta and Patrick Vieira are in the mix as many clubs now look at ex players to take over the reigns at their respective clubs. Going by the standard both players are decent options but not the best at this point in time as it’s just a transition year from the 22 years of Wenger at the club and the club is at its ebb so an experienced manager is best option right now.

Many have not regarded Conte as a possibility but if deeply considered, he has what Arsenal needs at this point in time. A manager that can manage with the lowest resources and produce extra ordinary result like what he did at his first season at Chelsea. It just take the club board to make up their mind and go for him.

So if the options are to be left to be decided by how they have performed, Enrique is first option and Conte will definitely be second if the former will not join Arsenal.

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