Brazilian Ronaldo’s net worth will shock you!

The life of a footballer is one of the most talked-about in the football outside the game itself. How the superstars live their lives, how much they earn, who their girlfriend or wife is and all about their life is researched and talked about in the industry.

There are some players that get talked about more than the others. One of them is the Ronaldo De Lima. The Brazilian Ronaldo net worth is a subject of discussion that many have always have a conflicted figure to measure. Depending on how his net worth is viewed, El-fenomeno is a wealthy player based on what he earned while playing and investments he has made over time.

While trying to discuss the Brazilian Ronaldo net worth, his ability on the field of play can’t be excluded from the discussion. Ronaldo was a phenomenon to watch during his days. He was a model for young players. He was the definition of what you call a strike.

He has everything in his locker that a striker will need. From pace to dribble to strength to stamina, Ronaldo was your man. Whenever his name is mentioned around defenders, he sends shivers down their spine. How he was able to craft a name for himself across the game is always a beauty to learn about.

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Winning three world best footballer and leading Brazil to the world cup in 2002 will be the biggest achievement of his career. So for a player that has done so much in his career will not find is so difficult to gather endorsement deals. This is why the Brazilian Ronaldo net worth is not a surprise to many.

He was estimated by Forbes to have made over $200m from salary and endorsement deals during his playing career alone. It will be vividly remembered that he was a superstar after he was one of the youngest players to play in the world cup in 1994 and won it so heading into 1998 world cup, he already had a deal with Nike for a 10 year soccer cleat partnership estimated to run from 1996 to 2006 worth around $180m.

The amount amassed from playing for clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan, and AC Milan is worth making him rich and he did not stop there as he became more prominent in the sports business when he retired in 2011. He was an ambassador for Brazil when the bid for the 2014 world cup and played a key role in ensuring his country host the tournament.

The Brazilian Ronaldo net worth will definitely cover his investments in soccer academies around the world and his latest acquisition of Real Valladolid in Spain for $35 million. This shows that he is a multi-millionaire and his net worth of $150m is a very true and accurate representation of what he worth.

If ranked amongst the superstars that have played the game and retire, he will be the richest footballer and this shows one thing, that Ronaldo is truly the phenomenon both during his playing days and now that he has retired.

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