Paolo Maldini net worth will shock you!

When the art of defending is taught to the younger generation of defenders, the name Paolo Maldini will be used as a case study. The Italian was what they call a real and thorough breed defender. Maldini who played for AC Milan during his playing career was able to build a good cash flow wealth system for himself that his family will continuity to enjoy even when he retires.

Paolo Maldini net worth even skyrocket after his retirement as he like many other former footballers joined the administrative part of the game. This made him more money and continue to make him more money. Paolo Maldini net worth is best understood when his playing career is first well digested and why he was seen as a former player that will add more to the game as an administrator.

Looking at his career that he started at age 16 at Milan, Maldini made his professional debut in 1985 with AC Milan where he became a legend. He was not just a legend at AC Milan but also for his country, Italy.

When the talk of the best defenders in the game is mentioned, Maldini name will be regarded among the top five that played the game. This was how good Maldini was. This was able to propel him to a great height that allowed him to gather a huge endorsement deal from companies.


He was able to get himself a great deal with Nike where he modeled some of their soccer cleats and this fetch him some good cash. Paulo Maldini net worth is estimated to be $26m and this is from his playing career to his current role with AC Milan. His professional career that lasted 24 years gave him the opportunity to get paid and have great deals.

This did not happen just because he played for 24 years but he contributed to the teams he played massively. A defender that had 36 goals for the club, AC Milan and country while also winning 26 trophies for both. This obviously is not a mean feat to be achieved by anyone, especially in his generation where players hardly move from one club to another for huge fees.

All these have contributed to having Paolo Maldini net worth to be as high as $26m. This made him the fifth richest Sportsman in Italy. This is a great landmark for a player that is not actively in the media face and doesn’t create controversy around his name. It is also great to see that he will be able to increase his net worth over time as his current role will help improve that.

His latest post as the technical director of the club just showed how much of value he is to the cub and that position if Milan bounces back to become a force to reckon with, means his pay will also improve and thereby improving his net worth.

If there is anything to learn about Paolo Maldini net worth, it is that defenders can become rich in the game and still remain low profile without much media attention while they make their cool cash.

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