Soccer players with number 17

One of the most popular soccer jerseys outside the first eleven numbers is 17. It is sometimes seen as another version of number 7. So soccer players with number 17 are seemingly attacking players or at least midfielders. Only a few defenders wear the jersey. Prominent names that wear the jersey have always been strikers or wingers.  Some of the popular soccer players with number 17 are listed below.

List of Soccer players with number 17

David Trezeguet

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One of the finest strikers in his prime, Trezeguet was a key member of the France 1998 and the Euro 200o winning squad. He made his name while playing for Monaco but went ahead to become a global name at Juventus wear he wore the jersey number 17.

Trezeguet was a beast in his prime and won several laurels for Juventus. Including three Serie-A titles. He is a legend of the club and will be regarded as one of the biggest soccer players with number 17 at their back.


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He was seen as the next big star after Cristiano Ronaldo and was given the 17 jerseys. This was the number that he wore and excelled in it. He continues to wear the jersey after Ronaldo left and it wasn’t a bad idea to be known as a man of one jersey.

Nani at his prime will destroy any defender on the wing. He was part of the 2008 Champions League winning squad for Manchester United.

Alexis Sanchez

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 When he signed for arsenal, the jersey number 17 was the number that he wore and used it for two of the three and half seasons he spent at Arsenal. While wearing this jersey, Sanchez was a beast and was always a treat to defenders.

He led Arsenal to two FA cups titles, one while he wore number 17 in his first season and also scored in his final. It wouldn’t be farfetched if it is said that the jersey brought him good luck.


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A world cup winner for Spain and Champions League winner for Barcelona, Pedro decided to move to England and joined Chelsea where he has don the number 17 since joining.

It has been a great time for the Spaniard in England has he is an integral member of the squad under the four managers that he has played at the club. This is to show his quality at the club.

Mateo Kovačić

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The Croats did not have it good at Real Madrid and decided to join Chelsea on loan last season. He was given the number 17 jersey and due to what the club sees as a good performance, he has just been confirmed on a permanent deal.

He was key in Maurizio Sarri’s game plan in the early part of the season. They fit perfectly into the Sarri Ball philosophy at the club and was obviously going to stay at the club if Sarri had not joined Juventus. Chelsea decided to follow up on the deal and signed him on a permanent deal. He could go on to become one of the best soccer players with number 17.


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