Top 20 football leagues in the world

Football is arguably the best sport in the world and unquestionably the most followed across the globe. With this large followership, it won’t be farfetched to have several places where they play the game across the world in an orderly manner, in a league format. This means that there will be several leagues across the world playing the game of football.

There are however some better than the others based on some parameters. There are some top 20 football leagues in the world that rank above others in many ramifications. It is worthy to note that because these leagues are organized by the different association, there is no unified ranking by FIFA, the world football governing body, that state that one particular league is better than the others.

It is the performance and the quality of players in these leagues that made some be ranked amongst the top 20 football leagues in the world.

Other criteria used in this article ranking of the top 20 football leagues in the world is the performance of the clubs there in global clubs competitions, like the UEFA competitions for those in Europe, the Copa Libertadores for those in South America and the CAF champions league and Confederations’ cup.

This level of measurement is a great way to showcase the performance of the players in these leagues. To start with, the European leagues are generally accepted as the best leagues in the world and they will dominate this list of the top 20 football leagues in the world.

Top of that list is the English Premier League with the highest followership in the history of the game and rake in billions in sponsorship deals. The league also has the current champions of both the UEFA Champions League and the Europa League.


There is also the Spanish La Liga that is rated second in many quarters not just for the fact they have the best players like Lionel Messi in the league but their teams have also won the highest number of European championships.

The Italian Serie-A was once the best league in the world in the ‘80s but due to some scandals, the league had to get some bad light that affected their teams but is currently having one of the greatest players in their league, Cristiano Ronaldo. The French league 1 and the German Bundesliga make up the top 5 of the top 20 football leagues in the world.

Other leagues in the world that are highly rated are the Dutch Eredivisie that is known for producing young talents that many top clubs jostle to get in their team the same as the Belgian league. These leagues are all in Europe but other leagues outside Europe also make the list of the top 20 football leagues in the world. The ranking might be debated but these 20 countries are largely accepted to have the best leagues in the world. They are:

  1. England
  2. Spain
  3. Italy
  4. Germany
  5. France
  6. Netherlands
  7. Belgium
  8. Portugal
  9. Brazil
  10. Argentina
  11. Egypt
  12. South Africa
  13. Russia
  14. Scotland
  15. China
  16. Turkey
  17. Austria
  18. Croatia
  19. Denmark
  20. Greece

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