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The UEFA Champions League is the most prestigious and most financially rewarding competition in the history of continental football across the world. This makes so much attention focused on it and it no surprise that many clubs do all they have in their capacity to win it.

Looking at how these past winners, they do a lot to get the trophy and in the process break records.

There are several UEFA Champions League winners records that are shattered season in season out. Some of them are expected to be broken when better players come up, some stay decades before another player can break it.

To be cleared, the UEFA Champions League winners records are those records broken by a player or a team in the season they won the competition. So this means that records broken by other players in a season their team didn’t win the tournament will not count in these reports.

This is why these records are highly regarded. Your team just doesn’t go all out to win the tournament but also broke records. This is a great achievement in all ramification and some of them need to be recognized even if no award is given for them.

The game of football is all about goals and the first record that strikes many is that of Cristiano Ronaldo record-breaking 17 goals in the competition in the 2013/14 season when Real Madrid won their 10th Champions League.

It was a special season for them because that 10th title was chased for 12 years and that record 17 goal has not been matched again by Ronaldo or anyone else.

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This particular UEFA Champions League winners record is one that will stay a long time before a play breaks it again. Another record that stands out is that of Liverpool three-goal come back against Barcelona in this year’s semifinal. No team has ever overturned a 3 goal deficit in a semifinal.

Liverpool did it with two of their best players out injured and went all out to win the trophy. It was a landmark achievement and this was similar to another record they held with a team coming from three goals down in the first half in the final to come back and win in the final against AC Milan in the penalty shootout.

That was called the Istanbul miracle because it was indeed a miracle. No one ever saw that coming and those are the type of UEFA champions league winners records that will stay for a long time before they are broken and this is so because not too many teams will love to be in a situation where you are almost out and be expecting a miracle week in week out.

During Real Madrid reign and dominance in the tournament, especially in the last four years, it would have been impossible for them not to hold some of the records. In fact, the record starts with them as they are the team with the highest titles, 13 while winning 4 of the last 6.

That is the real record. There was also the time of Barcelona during the Pep Guardiola era when all records were shattered and the Champions League was not exempted. In 2009 when Barca won the Champions League, that was the first time in the history of the competition that a coach won it in his first season as a professional coach of a senior club.

That was an emphatic display by the team and it will not be forgotten in a hurry because they showed that they were a great side and came back and won it again in 2011.


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