George Weah’s net worth in 2019 – You will be suprised!

In the history of African football, only one player has won the FIFA World Footballer of the year award, and that is George Oppong Weah of Liberia. The former Monaco and AC Milan striker was a special breed from the continent that he got to the highest level in football which has also helped him amassed so much wealth playing football.

George Weah’s net worth went up upon his retirement from football as he delved into other businesses and later into politics where he currently serves as the president of his country, Liberia.

To understand how George Weah got most of his current net worth that is estimated to be around $30 million, it is best to start from when he moved to Europe. Arsene Wenger brought Weah to Europe and gave him the breakthrough he had in the game. He signed him to Monaco in 1988 and went on to play for several clubs earning massive wages as his contribution to the team increases.

The move to Monaco opened the way for him to get to greater height coming from a player moving from Africa straight into a top European club under one of the best managers in the game.

Born October 1st, 1966, Weah had played four years in local clubs in Africa before moving to Europe where he played for fourteen more years. These 14 years saw him shatter records across Europe. Starting from Monaco, he was able to play and earn himself a name at the Principality, spending four seasons and scoring 66 goals in 149 appearances.

His records were catching that rival club, Paris Saint Germain came calling and he moved there and became a world superstar spending three seasons and scoring 54 times in 138 caps for the Paris club. In 1995, he moved to AC Milan and immediately became a player that causes a threat to Serie-A defenders.

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He won the league that season under Fabio Capello and was a big influence in the Milan dominance in the league then, alongside Roberto Baggio. He won one more league title with Milan and finished runners up in the Super Cup twice. All of these all had a positive impact on George Weah’s net worth.

His goal-scoring prowess continued to show whenever he starts for the club and one notable goal that is trademarked to him was his goal against Hellas Verona by taking the ball the length of the field from his team 18-yard box to Verona’s box before finishing it with a superb solo goal.

The year he joined Milan was a massive year for him as an individual as he won the FIFA Footballer of the Year and Ballon d’Or that year. He had short spells in England with Chelsea and Manchester City before retiring from football in 2003. He delved into politics and ran for the post of the president of his country in 2005 after the Civil War that ravaged his country.

He lost out to Sirleaf Ellen Johnson but contested for the Senate seat in 2014 and won. His defeat in the presidential election in 2005 showed his lack of experience in the political system and he came back stronger and better. He finally won the presidential election in 2017 and now serves as the first footballer to be the president of his country.

This has added to his wide array of things that have brought him fame and wealth. With his current role as president, he earns $2 million.

Weah is one player many in Africa look up to as he served as a player and a model for many who want to use their influence and change the political system in their country and in the process also increase their wealth, legally.

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