Jorge Campos – Biography, Family, Football Career, Married, Wife, Net Worth

In the history of Mexican football, a name will always be remembered when football is talked about. That name is Jorge Campos whose net worth is around the region of $1.2 million. He is a legend in every right of the game and his name is one of the most popular in the history of football in the North American country.

El-Brody, as he is popularly known a career as a footballer and his entire life is worth studying as there are several lessons to be picked from it.

Jorge Campos Biography Early Life, Family

Born as Jorge Campos Navarrete on October 15, 1966, in a town called Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico into a family of seven children and his parents were Lucina Navarrete and Álvaro Campos González. El-Brody has always been someone from a youthful age that love playing football and his dream of playing for the Mexican national team became a reality.

It did not take long before his talent was seen by people in the right position that made his progress into the national team a reality and the whole footballer career can be traced to the first club where he played for at University National Autonomous of Mexico (UNAM).

Jorge Campos Professional Football Career

At age 15, he joined the University National Autonomous of Mexico (UNAM), a big step in becoming the player everyone talked about today. He started his career there as a striker and banged in goals there as he scored 28 goals in 205 games. As a teenager starting your career, that might not be a bad place to start. One of the things that strike out for Campos was his uniqueness to playing more than a role.

Serving as a goalkeeper in some part of his career and also as a striker that he started his career with will definitely be one special moment for him. As a goalkeeper, his style of play was to play like a sweeper goalkeeper who stays outside the book to act as an extra defender. This was a strategy that wasn’t common in the game back then but Campos was ahead of his time.

In pursuit of his career, he moved to the Mexican side, Pumas and continued as a striker in the first season and later transformed to a goalkeeper there. In the first season at Pumas, he scored an impressive 14 goals before he became a goalkeeper in the subsequent seasons there.

He contributed massively to the team as he was in between the sticks when the team won the 1990-91 Mexican Primera División Championship. He won the Primera División de México Invierno trophy as a backup goalkeeper in 1997 when he returned to the club as Oscar Perez was already the first choice goalkeeper then. He had a brief stint with Cruz Azul but he only appeared in 2 games with no goal for the club.

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One move that he made and made name for himself was to join Atlante in 1995 where he played for just one season that will forever be remembered. He played 39 games and scored a goal that birthed the name bicycle-kick for the club. He moved on after that season to join the Los Angeles Galaxy and played 43 games without a goal. He left the club after one year.

In 1998, Campos joined the Chicago Fire where he made a total of 9 appearances without a goal before he moved to back to his former club UNAM in 1998. In his second encounter with UNAM, Campos played a sum of 43 games for the team while he scored 6 goals. His career was now becoming a circus as he returned to former clubs and struggle to get goals while playing.

The next stop for Campo train was in UANL in 2000 and was able to play 19 games without hitting the back of the net once he left the club afterward. Another stint with former club, Alante in the same year with 33 more games at the club had no different effect from his last club as he struggles to get a goal all through the period.

Despite all these barren period, he was able to secure a return to UNAM in 2001 and this time he made a total of 26 appearances for the team. In the hope of reawakening his career, he moved to the Puebla club where he played for two years, from 2002 until 2004. There was no difference after 28 games and he was unable to still find the back of the net.

Jorge Campos International Career

A fully capped international for his country, Jorge Campos represented Mexico in two world cup finals, USA 1994 and France 1998 in the process accumulating a total of 130 international caps for his country. One major point in his international duties was when his father was kidnapped while he was at the 1999 New Year’s Cup in Hong Kong.

He had to return home and save his father’s life from the hands of the captives. After 130 games for the national team and reaching a status that he can fully be revered as a legend, Campos retired from national team duties. He contributed to the team and he is seen as one of the best goalkeepers in Mexican history and also been recognized by FIFA as one of the best goalkeepers.

Coaching Duties

He worked with Ricardo La Volpe as an assistant coach during his time as the national team manager of Mexico and also the assistant director of the National team that competed in the 2006 FIFA World Cup. He has worked as a football commentator for TV Azteca and featured n advert for top global sporting brands.

Jorge Campos Personal Life, Married, Wife, Children and net worth.

Despite having a reputation of having several romantic relationships with beautiful women like Marcela Pezet, Daniela Castro, Fabiola Campomanes, he was able to finally marry his long-time girlfriend, Marcy Raston who hailed from Canada. The kidnap case with his father in 199 has made it a difficult case for him to disclose much about his family.

He has a fast food outlet called Sportortas also helped him generate income there and that added to what he made from football-related activities made his estimated net worth to be around $1.2 million.

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