Ronaldo Nazario Net worth will shock you!

The name Ronaldo is practically the biggest single name in football. This is because at least two great players that have done massive things in life answer the name. Ronaldo Nazario Delima is the first of the two Ronaldo that answers the name and he is a known world superstar in football. There are some things that are however not known about Ronaldo Nazario’s net worth.

Many fans know Ronaldo basically as a player born on September 1976 and played for Brazil national team and several top clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid and a host of many other clubs which also include Inter Milan and he won several awards in those clubs. He is also known for the fact that he won three Ballon d’Or award during his playing time from the ‘90s to early 2000.

Ronaldo was a beast in front of the goal. His dribbling skills and the pace is out of this world. He was a joy to watch during his playing days. After he stopped playing only a few followed his success story which was where he made more money that boosts his net worth.

Ronaldo Nazario’s net worth is estimated to be $150 million and this is gotten from his playing days and the several businesses that he runs. In 1996, Ronaldo signed a life-changing deal with Nike that changed everything for him. He signed a 10-year shoe deal and another lifetime deal with the top sports brand worth $180 million.

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This deal played a massive role in how he acquired his wealth as it was a massive boost ahead of his peers. He had a special pot designed for him in the 1998 World Cup, the Nike Mercurial R9. This was a boot that sold far and wide for Nike and was a good marketing tool for the company and the relationship between both brands continue to grow and they had several other shoes designed for him.

Ronaldo partook in several adverts for Nike and all these helped increase his media presence which also open ways for other sporting brands to associate with Ronaldo. Ronaldo footballing genius and goalscoring ability ensured that he had a great stream of income and his contract with the top clubs he played for ensured he is one of the highest-paid players during his playing days.

He was a key member of the Brazil 2014 bidding committee that ensured that his country won the bid. He continued his post-playing career trying to remain in the business of football as he bought the majority shares from Laliga side Real Valladolid. In September 2018, Ronaldo bought a 51% controlling stake in the club for €30 million.

This was a new level for him as this makes him actively in club football administration. Ronaldo Nazario’s net worth will significantly increase when Valladolid can get a place in Europe. This will be the target for Ronaldo.

Ronaldo has been a great inspiration in the game and has won some special recognition in the sport. He was added to FIFA list of the greatest players in 2004, then he was inducted into the Brazilian Football Museum Hall of Fame as well as the Italian Football Hall of Fame, for his excellence.

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