Complainy or reality; Mou future is blakey

Mourinho rose to world prominence after FC Porto’s victories in the 2003 UEFA Cup and 2004 Champions League, and he’s been an irresistible footballing force ever since. He went on to lead England’s Chelsea FC to back to back league titles, back to back Carling Cups, an FA Cup, and even a Community Shield.


He further with many medals at Inter and Madrid before coming back to England to manage the top clubs. And now he manages Spurs, one of the most talent-laden teams in the English Premier League.


It is probable that he will be one of the greats for many years to come, but the nature of his greatness suggests he will not stay in one place for long. Don’t expect him to sink in roots like Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger. To date, the longest he has ever managed a team were his two complete seasons (plus an extra month and a bit) at Chelsea. Mourinho’s arrogance does not lend itself to stability.


Mourinho was a master at playing football to win. He doesn’t have any ideals he feels compelled to uphold the “beautiful game,” and his tactics generally reflect this. They are simple but effective. He closes up the midfield, builds an impregnable defence, and finds a target man who can score like a machine.


However, in recent times, his continuous sacking had overshadowed the beautiful legacies left behind by the Portuguese tactician. From his first and second spell at Chelsea with the mutual agreement of leaving the club in the middle of the season to the last mob he lost signifies that the Portuguese tactician had invariably lost the touch of greatness he once had.


Furthermore, the inability of the top clubs to gamble with Jose service is a revelation of his decline as the Special one capabilities for told. But the relative partnering of Tottenham Hotspurs and Mourinho was a marriage of convenience as both parties were eager to make a statement to the rest of the world.


The early season woes of Spurs mean they had to let go of the coach that consistently qualifies them for the Uefa Champions League. However, the Spurs shared relation with Jose Mourinho means a statement acquisition of boasting a coach with winning mentality. But has that been the case since Mourinho took the mantle of leadership png the coaching staff?


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There had been many unforeseen issues with the players and the coach, constant hostility among the players, and blaming games to throw around. Was it the effect of Jose? No one could really say, but the atmosphere at the club has certainly changed and the result is not consistent.


However, the most consistent issue had the complaint of the Tottenham Hotspurs manager on every bit of decision against him or the agenda of the superior force against him. One cod badly argue about his opinion on this issue as penalty we’re controversially awarded against Spurs on many occasion and so it was under Pochs, but yet the Argentine delivered a successful campaign without transfer budget to rely on in 2018-2019 season.


More importantly, looking beyond the complaint of Jose Mourinho, one could argue the inconsistent of the Spurs team on many occasions when they played as the underdog against many teams with an array of talent possessed by this team. Sometimes the team looks out of intent or passion and sometimes they show a lack of creativity.


Recently, the team depends on luck to overturn the one-goal disadvantage against the underwhelming Arsenal side in the North London derby of was its lack of goal attempt by this team against the bottom Bournemouth.


The conspicuous serial achievement of Jose Mourinho in bid early coaching career might have tagged him a special one, but his constant freefall from grace with the top team is a reference to his present standard and either it’s about his complain or the reality of his coaching criteria, Jose Mourinho needs to buckle up as his future looks blurry if he can’t muster a success with this Tottenham Hotspurs.

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