The roll of freefall! Arsenal Invincible is now struggeling on midtable

How might have fallen! It’s not a legend on why Arsenal have the only team to receive gold English Premier League medals, as they went throughout the season without a defeat. Even a feat that could not be replicated by the mighty Citizens and the red side of the Merseyside.


Not only in England, is this feta recognized, but throughout Europe and the popularity of such feat travel like a myth throughout the world as the only club to do so. But fast forward to sixteen years later, the power that dominated like a myth has no strength left to hold a dart, talk less of a sword to fight within their arena.


The last defeat suffered by the gunners in the hand of their neighbors showed that they don’t have the bragging power against their closest neighbors in the game. Even the blue side of the London club are bragging over them as they were beaten on multiple occasions by these teams in recent times, compared to when the gunners are victorious over them.


The beaten could not hold much significance if Arsenal FC is in contention for what they claimed to be a success in the top-4 finish, but such aspiration is a long dream for the gunners even in the nearer future as the resurgent Manchester United have a say in the position and with like of Chelsea domination the football market world by snatching up the young talent can only mean that the attainment of the top-4 finish by the Gunner is bleak until the right orientation is adopted.


Currently, Arsenal is sitting deep in the middle of the League table, languishing on number 9th with 50points after the 35th round of play. To, however, consider the team with such a panache record of invisibility, struggling to qualify for the second tier of continental competition is disheartening.


However, it may have been, the retrogression of Arsenal’s retardation is not something of news, but the consistency at which they are relegating is a mockery to the standard of such club. Fallen from grace doesn’t take much of an effect when much club is vying for one’s prestige. But, the change in philosophy might have well paved the way for the falling facilitation.


Looking back through Arsenal’s post invincibility, the most obvious factor was Wenger’s change in philosophy and the loss of most important generals. The departure of Viera in the heart of the midfield was a spark that promulgates the Arsenal downfall. the belief of Wenger in lads rather than experience and the growth of talent rather than spending the cash could be easily pointed out. With this Wenger succeeded in reaching the pinnacle of the most prestigious club competition but couldn’t win it. But the rest is a sad story.


Under the remainder of the Wenger tenure, the team that was once a force to reckon with and the team that challenges for the best gong in the United Kingdom struggle to qualify for the most prestigious club competition (top four) and still struggle to challenge the top club for the best player to solidifies the club rich history in modern football.


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Patently, Wenger leaving his role to move on and the emergence of Emery are suppose to breathe the fresh air needed by the club, but the woeful existence of fear and lack of authority in the game continue to mar the astonishing run of twenty-two unbeaten record of the team under the new guidance of Unai Emery as the team barely qualify for the second tier of European club competition.


A year later, new leadership is needed and thus the appointment of the ex-player with experience is sorted with the appointment of Arteta. The young coach that could have learned everything from the glamorous Pep with the brand of football suitable to the taste of Arsenal’s management.


Well, is it worth the risk? Mikael Arteta had been doing fantastic work by blending the past with the dream, however, the common factor in all tenure of the coaches is the inability of the club management to properly invest and the right choice of player for execution is a daunting task to behold as the current top talent doesn’t prefer the red side of the north London anymore and the best players are boycotting Arsenal.


Arsenal might still be a top club today and tittle challenging firepower might have gone, but for a team that it’s the success was like a myth struggling to qualify for the second-tier European club competition is a testament to the nature of wrong calls that had accumulated in recent years. But the fact still remains that Arsenal had fallen really hard and really bad to from title challenger, to top four struggles and the top six struggles. But now it would be a miracle if Arsenal could qualify for any European competition. How mighty have really fallen from grace to grass?

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