What the transfer Market will look like for Manchester City

The most difficult part of successful teams is keeping them winning again and again. That could be said to this Manchester City squad that lost the Premier League title this season right from the start of the season.

It could not be said that it was lack of player or lack of quality coaching, but more of lack of motivation. A core of the squad have won the league at least twice which make their focus be on a silverware they haven’t won before, the Chamiopns League.

No matter how good a team is, they will still need some additions which could help lift the winning spirit as the new players most likely aren’t as successful as the team they are joining. So the new players will have the drive to want to do more and get the team going to be more ambitious even in competition that seems the teams have conquered in the past.

This however doesn’t mean there isn’t crack in the Manchester team, there are obviously places that need to be shove up and there will be additions that will be needed due to departures. An assessment of players that could be joining Manchester City this Premier League summer transfers to help improve their squad for the next season will be looked at below.


One record that has tainted Pep Guardiola’s name this season is losing nine Premier League games in a single season. This is his worst defeat record as a manager in over 10 years of management at top level. This is a big blow on his reputation and he definitely know that he can’t allow this to repeat itself next season if they want return to winning the Premier League.

This in fact is the major difference between City and the champions, Liverpool. To solve this major problem, relegated Bournemouth defender, Nathan Axe has been seen as a great addition. The former Chelsea man plays the kind of football Guardiola want and will be a constant hit for the club in the system Guardiola plays.

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The relegation of Bournemouth will mean that they will have to let go of some senior players at the club but will definitely not do that for cheap. He is expected to cost City in the region of £50m to bring him to the Etihad stadium.

The signing of JoaoCancelo from Juventus last season have not done much for the club and they are looking at selling him to bring Barcelona’s Nelson Semedo. This will give a good back up to Kyle Walker who can drift into the center when there is a major injury crisis like that of Aymeric Larporte with Semedo playing right back.


David Silva’s departure is definitely going to create a hole in the squad for next season. There are capable players in the squad that can take up the spot like Bernardo Silva or Ikay Gundogan but for squad depth and rotation, a new player can give them the extra quality needed. Jack Grealish is a name that has been linked with almost all top clubs in England after a very good campaign with Aston Villa.

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If Manchester City are considering getting him, he will be a massive boast to the squad. It is now left for the player to decide if he is willing to move to City where he might not be guaranteed a starting shirt week in week out or stay at Villa Park. With a good deal from City and assurance from Guardiola that he will get his time, he could be jumping on the offer.

Attackers. Leroy Sane absence this season for City due to injury contributed to teams understanding the attacking rhythm of the club. With the presence of Sane two seasons ago, he gave them something different from what Mahrez and Sterling brings to the table.

This is because of his trickery way of playing. His departure now means that City will have to find someone with quality that can add something different to their attacking play.

Ferran Torres of Valencia is a player that Guardiola will love to bring to the club and the 20-year-old have just one year left on his contract at Valencia, so he could easy be sold to recoup cash by Valencia that is in financial crisis at the moment.

He loves playing from the right and he a very talented player that will enjoy playing under a manager like Guardiola. He will be a very good buy for City if he moves to the Etihad this summer.

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