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One of the most decorated players in the Croatia national team is Barcelona midfielder, Ivan Rakitic. The midfielder who has been with the Catalan giant for the last six seasons has been a dominant force in the team as he plays a crucial role in their campaigns every season.

He was also present in the Croatia national team that got to the final of the 2018 World Cup in Russia. One aspect of the midfielder’s life that will be discussed is his wife, Raquel Mauri. This will help understand how Rakitic spends his time off the football pitch with his family and how his family also influence his career. 

Ivan Rakitic’s wife was formerly a hotel barista before she started dating Rakitic. Their relationship started in a very controversial and funny manner. Raquel Mauri who worked at a bar then met Rakitic at the bar when he visited she worked.

There was a striking beauty that hit Rakitic and made him have a gut feeling that something special is going on about the woman. He quickly followed his heart and made his mind known to her about his plan to make her the woman he will spend the rest of his life with.

It was so interesting to note that she turned him down at that point. For many, meeting a footballer was their dream partner but to Raquel Mauri, it was more than that. She wanted someone that will always be around and Rakitic job cannot guaranty that as he could get a move to a club outside of Spain.

This was in 2011 when Rakitic also didn’t know what his future holds. He couldn’t guaranty that he will not get a transfer outside Spain as he was still a young player willing to explore and when a bigger club comes calling, he will definitely not want to miss the opportunity of trying it out in another country.

Raquel Mauri knew this about footballers generally and that was her fear. It was difficult convincing someone that is well informed to change her stance on something that is not different but just on hope.

It was only hoped that Rakitic hinged on that he will stay in Spain and not go abroad. It was a very difficult challenge to convince her as he asked her out more than 20 times before she changed her mind and accept his proposal.

They started seeing each other regularly after their first date as she became more comfortable over time and trusted him more as time goes by. 

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When a man finds the right woman, he does all he can to keep her. Rakitic did not waste time before taking her to the aisle as they got married in 2013 at a big wedding attended by his Croatian teammate, the present was Luca Modric and many others. Their love story is actually very interesting but there are more things that are interesting about Ivan Rakitic wife to be learned.

Raquel Mauri was born and raised in Spanish City, Seville, a place close to where Rakitic formerly plays, Sevilla. She was born on the 15th of December 1989 which makes her 3o years old. She met her husband in Seville during his time at Sevilla.

Being a Seville born and raised, it is understandable why she doesn’t want to leave the Country at least if she will have to leave the City, hence her initial fear with Rakitic.

Over time Raquel Mauri has been able to build herself up and now works as a model and a social media influencer that help shape people’s opinion about a service or product. Raquel Mauri has a tattoo on her wrist – a flower with words around it which has shown in many of her social media posts.

What do words around the flowers say are however not known. She posts several pictures of herself in the clothes of the brand 11 degrees. This is a form of an advert for the brand as it works better if the brand uses someone like her based on her personality and the followership she gets. She is well known on Instagram with her over 712,000 followership on the social media platform. 

One major issue both couples had when they started dating was communication. Raquel Mauri was only able to communicate in Spanish, a language that is also not the first choice to the Croat. Over time they sorted it out and she can speak multiple languages.

This language barrier has played a major relationship fallout as many will not be able to relate very well with what the partner might be facing at a particular point and there is an urgency to it.  It is also one of the fears of not wanting to start learning the new language if he gets a move outside Spain.

Now, she has familiarized herself around many of her husband’s teammate wives like Lionel Messi and Gerard Pique – Antonella Roccuzzo and Shakira.

After getting married to Rakitic and got her model career started, she was able to combine that with having kids within the time frame. The couple had their first child in July 2013 and named her Althea Rakitic. Three years later, in May 2016, Rakitic second daughter, Adara Rakitic was born. They have all lived together as a happy family since then. 

With benefit of hindsight, Raquel Mauri will be proud of herself for trusting Rakitic early on as no one knew he was going to move to Barcelona and get a good deal that will make him become one of the best midfielders in the world.

He has been able to get to this level all not by himself but also the support of his partner who has been there even when there was no certainty about his career. It has been a great marriage so far between the couples and they will continue to roll together as the player excel in his football career and she does the same in her modeling career.

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