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In the history of Spanish football, Andres Iniesta’s name will forever remain in gold as he remains the only man that has scored the goal that has won the country their only World Cup. This single act raised his status in Spain and across the world.

Iniesta has been able to transform his career since making his debut for Barcelona after coming through the ranks at the academy. The 36-year-old midfielder was simply the best during his playing days that he got to the podium for the Ballon d’Or after he impressed during his days at Barcelona.

This was why it was easy for Andres Iniesta’s net worth could be among the very best in the world. It is worth looking at what makes up Iniesta’s net worth and how he has acquired it.

 Andres Iniesta net worth 

Due to the fact that many don’t know Iniesta to be a very flamboyant footballer, many don’t know how rich he is. He is one of the richest footballers that ever play the game in recent times. There are several reports that take his net worth to be in the $120 million region. This put him ahead as the richest Spanish player in the history of the country.

Andres Iniesta Net Worth is way more than you would expect. The player keeps a low profile. However, he is one of the top 20 richest footballers in the world. At a staggering $120 million, Iniesta is the richest Spanish footballer currently.

His move to Japan after a successful career with Barcelona has brought him more fortune and has helped him increase his net worth. Iniesta net worth will definitely skyrocket after a massive $90 million payment for just three years playing in the Japan J-league.

Forbes also placed his net worth at $32.5million. This is a very conservative figure as many know that the figure did not take into consideration his time in Japan. The Japan contract puts him amongst the top 10 highest-paid athletes in the world.

Iniesta salary

For a player that spent all his professional career at one club in Europe, that club must have meant a lot to him and also mean that the club satisfies is financial needs. From coming through the La Masia academy to becoming a first-team player then the captain before leaving, the salary paid to him will also vary in that line.

His initial contract with Barcelona saw him earn as low as $8,000 a week. This was decent pay for paying just coming through. The moment he established himself in the squad and became a mainstay in the squad during the Pep Guardiola era, his pay became one of the highest at the club.

Iniesta’s net worth was majorly influenced by the pay rise he earned then to move him to be among the best paid at the club after Messi. His last salary at Barcelona before leaving the club got to $240,000 a week for the Spaniard and he shows he deserves it as he was the captain then.

This was a club he spent 22 years serving so it was deserving that he gets so much respect and a great treatment for his service to the club.

The need to play elsewhere just before he retires took him to Japan where he played for Vissel Kobe. This was a less competitive league with little pressure but he was definitely a source of attraction for the league.

The presence of a world cup winner like Iniesta in the league made the club see it as an avenue to pay him well and also serve as a source of revenue for them in return with their merchandise sales. So, it was not too surprising when it was discovered that he earns as high as $600,000 per week at the Japanese club. 

Andrés Iniesta age

Born as Andrés Iniesta Luján at Fuentealbilla in Spain on the 11th of May, 1984. This makes him 36 years old. He is one of the most popular people from Albacete after moving to Barcelona to play for the Catalan giant. 

Andres Iniesta family


Iniesta is born into the family of Jose Antonio Iniesta and Maria Lujan. He has a sister named Maribel Iniesta. He is happily married with two kids, Valeria Otiz Iniesta and Paolo Iniesta.

Andres Iniesta wife

Iniesta has been going out with his spouse, Anna Ortiz for four years before finally getting married to her this year. The couple has been a love bird ever since they started their relationship and things have been on the rise for them.

They are blessed with two kids. Their wedding was done in such a fantastic way that it had 300 guests present for the occasion. The list of guests had his former teammates and managers present at the ceremony.

Notable names present at the ceremony include Spain former manager, Vicente del Bosque, and past managers Luis Aragonés and José Antonio Camacho, Barça club president Sandro Rosell and past presidents Joan Gaspart and Joan Laporta, former trainers Pep Guardiola, Frank Rijkaard, and Louis van Gaal, present and previous Barça players, and Spanish team players, including goalkeeper Iker Casillas and his girlfriend, journalist Sara Carbonero.

Andres Iniesta date of birth 

Iniesta date pf birth is the 11th of May 19, 1984. He joined Barcelona academy in 1996 when he was just 12 years old.

Andres Iniesta height

Iniesta is 5 feet, 7 inches tall, 1.70m tall. This will not rank him among the tallest midfielders but will definitely not limit his ability as a midfielder as he does his job perfectly without the height being an issue.

Iniesta debut Barcelona

He made his senior debut for Barcelona when he was 18 in 2002. Since then he has not turned back. He has since then gone on to play for the club in all capacity. He went from the player that came through the ranks to captain the team to a Champions League triumph.

He has cemented his name in the history book of the club as he has scored crucial goals in the history of the club. His goal in the semi-final of the 2009 Champions League finals against Chelsea ensured the reached the final and ultimately paved the way for the club to win the title that season.

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