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Roberto Carlos is one of the defenders in the game of soccer that redefine how defenders are seen. The former Brazil left-back was much more than a left back to the team, he was a phenomenal player. He was known as the bullet man due to his powerful and bending free-kicks.

This is why when Roberto Carlos’s net worth is up for discussion, many won’t be surprised to see what the earns.

In fact, many expect that his net worth should be far higher than what it is. Carlos was what modern-day footballer coaches wanted from their defenders, Carlos had it over a decade ago. It is now time to look at the career of the superstar left-back and how he was able to get the wealth he has today.

What is Roberto Carlos Net Worth?


Roberto Carlos’s net worth is estimated to be in the region of $40 million. This is a very possible amount especially looking at the kind of career he had as a player before becoming a coach and ambassador in the game.

Many know him for his playing career at Real Madrid but he was more than that as he has won several trophies and personal honors before moving to the Madrid club where he is seen to have made most of what contributed to his net worth. He first made his mark in Brazil at Palmeiras.

It was at Palmeiras he made his national team debut. This was how good he was. Many European clubs started noticing him from there and the offers kept coming. He moved to Inter Milan and played for just one season before joining Real Madrid in 1996.

He became an instant success at Bebarbeu where he won four league titles and was a key member of the three Champions League finals the club played in 1998, 2000, and 2002. 

It was while playing at Real Madrid that the global brands started seeing the talent in the left-back who can play as an attacking player. He was a sensation to watch. He started getting endorsement deals and appearing in promotional ads that added extra income for him.

This was made possible because many know his ability while playing. One of the biggest endorsement deals he got was that of AirAsia which embodies what he represents, a player that dear to dream to become a professional footballer at 12.

His passion for the game and desire to continue playing ensure that he still continues playing when he left Real Madrid. He had a stint at Fenerbahçe, Corinthians, and Anzhi Makhachkala where he played competitively for another six seasons and won titles.

These clubs also increased Roberto Carlos’s net worth as he was well paid especially at Anzhi Makhachkala. It was reported that he got a luxurious car gift from the owner during one of his birthdays. It was also an opportunity for him to explore other cultures before retiring as he was already close to the end of his playing career.  

Roberto Carlos Salary

While playing for Real Madrid, Carlos was one of the most efficient defenders and as such earned him so much respect that translates to very good wages for him. He was able to command a $10m per year salary.

This was also possible because when he was at the twilight of his career, he did not only pick a team that wants to compete but also pay him very high, thus the salary was able to be sustained within that region.

Roberto Carlos age

Born April 10, 1973, Carlos is 47 years of age and has shown that most of his time on earth so far was dedicated to playing football which has brought success and fame to him.

Roberto Carlos singer spouse

Alexandra Pinheiro was Roberto Carlos’s first wife as they were couples for 12 years before getting separated. Pinheiro who worked as a model and in the entertainment industry with some musicians and has had features with the singer had to leave Carlos.

The reason for their divorce after three children is unknown but Carlos remarried after some time to Mariana Luccon

Roberto Carlos free kick in 1997

In his career, this moment will forever stand out because it is well remembered by everyone that watched the game. Kids that were not born then have watched on Youtube and have read stories about it and know how great that spectacular that free-kick was.

It was on the 3rd of June 1997 when Brazil played France in the opening game of the 1997 Tournoi de France. It was a free-kick destined for the corner flag but to the surprise of many, it was seen to be inside the goal post.

The curve that made the ball head for the post defies normal logic by just looking at it. It was a goal that has to stand out even after more than two decades and that could be remembered as the best goal of his career.

Real Madrid Roberto Carlos jersey

Roberto Carlos was handed the number 3 jersey when he signed for the Madrid side in 1996. This was what he wore all through his eleven years’ career at the club. It was in this jersey that he achieved all the great things he did at Real Madrid.

He was a very key member of the side from the start of his career there until he left in 2007. This was because he was becoming old and could not catch up with the game again.

He however made a darting run in 2006 in a Champions League match against Arsenal when a ball was going straight into the goal post when Madrid was launching an attack and everyone including the goalkeeper was already out of position, he raced down the pitch and ensured he stopped the ball from going in. this was at the twilight of his career there. He has several great moments wearing that jersey.

He will also remember how he created the assist that led to that historic Zinedine Zidane’s wonder goal in the 2002 Champions’ League final. The way he perfectly timed the pass and the height of it made the execution a perfect one for Zidane. Those years made him increase his net worth as he kept on getting bonuses for those wonders he did.

Roberto Carlos legs

Many have attributed his successful career to the way his legs are. Roberto Carlos’s legs are in a form that many believed made it easy for him to play football. It was a common saying then but it was more of his ability and consistency that made him stay at the top for that long beyond the shape of his legs. 

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