Does Arteta have what it takes to bring Arsenal back to glory?

Since arsenal has had their chance against Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League final in Paris, the North London team has been backpedaling, while the fruition of their regression became so apparent in 2017 when they began to fail in their quest to qualify for Champions League.

However, the dawn of new era was touted to bring glory to the Fly Emirate stadium’s club when Arsene Wenger finally stepped down as the team head coach after spending 22 years with Arsenal in May 2018 after failing to win the EUFA Europa League, while he also failed to return Arsenal back to the Champions League spot in the league.

More so, the birth of Unai Emery appointment at the North London Club in 2018 was touted to bring fresh ideas and idealism to Arsenal, and with the run of 22 matches unbeaten in all competition, Arsenal had to settle for the fifth position on the last matchday of the season in 2019 but the following season saw a disastrous campaign for the Spanish manager and he was quickly replaced with fellow Spanish manager and former player of Arsenal and Everton, Mikel Arteta in the Arsenal’s hierarchy.

Just like the hope that Emery brought to the Gunners faithful in his first season, Arsenal was certainly showing a glimpse of greatness as the mediocre Arsenal’s team won FA Cup while defeating the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea in the process despite going to those matches as an underdog.

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Also, Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal also defeated the monstrous Liverpool side on two occasions prior to the beginning of the 2020/2021 campaign, and winning the community shield in the process had brought many Arsenal fans all over the world to dream again.

However, with much progress made in his previous half-season as Arsenal’s manager, Mikel Arteta in charge of Arsenal in his first full season had been filled with ups and downs while his team is currently sitting in the ninth position prior to the last game of the season.

Provided Arsenal becomes victorious against Brighton and Hove Albion with which the Gunner has been favored by the soccer betting sites to win the match at 1.69 odds and both Tottenham Hotspurs and Everton lost to Leicester City and Manchester City respectively, Mikel Arsenal team would have a chance of qualifying to at least UEFA Conference cup and their record of qualifying for continental competition would be intact.

Moreover, the qualification of the team to the inaugural UEFA Conference Cup would further establish the fact that the North London club is diminishing right from their Champions League aspiration to the Europa League settlement, and now, they will be settling for the maiden Conference Cup and the person that would be taking the fall will be nothing less than the Spanish tactician and despite he was not at the club when the Fly Emirate’s club began their regressing free fall.

Thus, many are asking the obvious question which everyone has begun to ponder if at least Mikel Arteta can actually bring back the glory days to the Emirate stadium.

Despite his team’s lukewarm season, the Arsenal’s fans camp all over the world are divided into two, while some believe the Spanish tactician is the problem and some never did see the problem with the Arsenal’s manager but have it all with the management which is led by the man which is unanimously agreed by the fans of the North London club globally as the main problem of the club, Stan Kroenke. Even backed by his former boss who believes that if the fellow Spaniard is backed financially by the club’s board, he would return the glory days back to the Emirate stadium.

“I’m pretty sure the right person to bring them back up is there now,” said Guardiola. ‘When the club supports him they have the right man. “I have a feeling he is creating something unique, if they give him what he needs they’ll be a contender in future years.’ The Manchester city’s boss further expressed.

Under the guidance of the Spanish boss, Arsenal will be having their worst to the season provided they remained ninth on the log. However, that would have signified the worst spell of run that the Gunners had at the beginning of the season while they failed to pick up a win in nearly two months.

But their ability to turn the season and reaching the semi-final of the Europa League despite bowing out Arsenal’s former coach team isn’t so embarrassing but the high hope placed on the team is quite unbelievable.

However, going forward, the Gunners will be looking to bounce back from their disappointing campaign that left many pondered on the coaching potency of the Spanish tactician and the former Arsenal skipper have no reason to think otherwise due to the fact that the majority of his request was delivered by the club’s management. With the arrival of Thomas Partey, Gabriel Magalhães, and the likes, Arsenal was expected to advance more even if they can’t win the league.

However, the majority of his signing has been below par compared to the standard shown in their previous clubs. “could it be the fault of the coaching crew?” or was it the effect of the pandemic that brought mental exhaustion due to the packed fixtures of the season. Either way, the bottom line is that the North London club had a very underserving season and the person at fault is Mikel Arteta.

Probably, going forward, Mikel Arteta would need the time and confidence of the management to established confidence within the team in long run and with some additions, Arsenal would be going ahead to have a splendid season come next season.

Although, Thomas Partey was an expensive addition to the club he is yet to find his footing, while Martin Odegaard’s performances have been encouraging yet he is considered inconsistent, Dani Ceballos who is on the verge of heading back to the Spanish capital giant club after his two-season disappointing loans spell at the Emirate stadium. But with few additions, Arteta praise might just be the song in the mouth of all Arsenal’s faithful.

Despite having an imbalanced future that lies in the hands of chief executive Vinai Venkatesham and sporting director Edu, who must decide whether Arteta is still the man to take them forward after a season to forget.

The Gunners boss still believes he is the right man. Although, many times had he shown why he needed to be given time just like Manchester United are dealing with Ole Gunnar solskjaer and the reward of Liverpool winning the Champions League and the league they waited for 30 years to have which was because of their patience and trust in the process, Jurgen Klopp had weave for the Merseyside club.

However, with the few additions like Yves Bissouma, Gabriel Aouar, and Martin Odegaard, Arsenal should find their groove once again. But, with Arsenal, Mikel Arteta is aware that he can’t splash the cash to bolster the squad to the degree and the dead woods in the team will be needed to be taken care of to facilitate the coming of the needed legs for the team fortune’s changing.

Moreover, with his fastidious tactical nuance and emotional ties to the club, Arteta is in the best position to transform the team back to its former glory and that can rightly sit well with all parties provided the management could back the former Arsenal’s captain financially and if the fans can trust in the process he had.

So yes! Mikel Arteta does have what it takes to return Arsenal back to their glory, at the least, tactically but the club needed to foster his vision with the acquisition of the right player irrespective of the price.

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