10-year-old twins help rescue dad from drowning

By sayyad

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A father is counting his blessings after his twin sons' saved his life last month.

Brad Hassig was doing underwater meditation exercises.

Hassig's 10-year-old twin sons, as well as his neighbor, were present in the pool with him.

They quickly jumped into action, dragging their father above water.

"The kid's weight around 80 pounds and, and I weigh 185 pounds.

His son said, "There is no choice we have to do this."

The boys had no CPR training, they recalled what they had watched in the movies.

They began chest compressions.

"I hear the boys speaking, 'Daddy, come back!' and 'Daddy, you have to be OK!'" he recollected.

After the incident, Hassig advises everyone to learn CPR.