Excess consumption of Artificial sweeteners is directly related to the disease of heart.

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Many articles and studies on the Internet show that if you regularly consume artificial sweeteners, it can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as strokes and heart attacks.


Studies show that consuming artificial sweeteners or artificially sweetened beverages can lead to high blood pressure, inflammation in the past or weight boost.


Artificial sweetener replaces sugar, which will deduct the number of calories in your diet.


It is more commonly used in processed food like puddings, candies, jams, soft drinks and other foods and beverages.


The study also says that switching back to sugar in food and beverages as a substitute for artificial sweeteners is not a good idea as sugar intake is also not appropriate for health.


Many people consider artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes to make their diet low in calories. In the market, you will find various products worldwide that can replace your sugared food or beverages, such as diet soda and low calories ready meals.


It not only increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases but also is very dangerous to people with the problem of diabetes and obesity.


According to the average follower period, 1502 cardiovascular events occurred, including angina, Angioplasty, heart attack and stroke.


Intake of artificially sweetened drinks and food can relatively lower low risk to your health, as consumption of fewer beverages and processed food is less risky for your health.


Setting up the limitations of artificially sweetened food and beverages can be good for your health.