Apple finally launched the new version of IOS. Find out the release date features and many more things.

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The one using the iPhone is eagerly waiting for the new appearance of the smartphone, and apple has finally launched iOS 16 in the market.

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There are not many changes in the appearance externally, but internally the user of the iPhone will feel the difference in the new version.

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In one of the apple events, they showcased their brand new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, which was stunning in appearance with uh lots of new features and Interface.

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Apple has updated the server that they will launch iOS 16 on September 12th, 2022. This iOS 16 feature has a lot of new things like customizable lockscreen updation in the photos of the messages safari and other applications.

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The updation in the lock screen is one of the unique features of the iPhone so that you can personalize your lock screen and create multiple lock screens. In addition, there is a new change in the notification bar and live activities.

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The photo gallery app has also been updated in this new feature as now you can share 4 doors instantly right from the camera and edit and change the sink of the photos everywhere.

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The messages and the mail application are now more efficient in the iOS 16 as they have richer collaboration, share play via messages, and improved search.

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In the new iOS 16, you can now pause the video and frame the content text to use everyday interactions like translate, look up, share, copy, and many other things.

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Now you can manage your child's account easily. I'm making your phone safe for the children. This new feature comes with the right parental control for the preference for age-appropriate media screen time, location sharing, and more.

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Not only this, you can now easily navigate the final few feet between you and your destination, like a door, etc. This is more efficient for blind and disabled people.

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This iOS has these features, many more interesting things, and new changes. It will be launched in September, and you can buy it from the local market or on Apple's official website.

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