Jimmy Kimmel can find himself under blaze in the Brunson speech.

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The actress, 32 years old and got the award for an outstanding writer of a comedy series, has poked fun at Jimmy Kimmel live!

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It happened when Jimmy Kimmel was lying on the stage during the award function. After seeing Jimmy in this situation, she laughed and cracked jokes with him.

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She cracked the joke and said more funnily that maybe tomorrow she'll be mad at him, but she will be on his show on Wednesday.

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She also phrases that if she attends this show on Wednesday, she might punch him in the face. She also mentioned that I don't know ward happens next.

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Brunson was delighted after getting the award from Kimmel. She said that Kimmel is one of the godfathers of the comedy industry.

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On the stage, she explained that Jimmy gave her the first big late-night spot, and he was one of the first few people who saw the ABBOTT.

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Kimmel messaged Brunson On Instagram and confessed that he saw her comedy, and it was one of the most fantastic comedies of all time.

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The fans on Twitter and Facebook find this move Kimmel a little disrespectful.

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And some fans were a little upset for Brunson, as she had to trim her speech, and in the middle, the music has been started.

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