John Boyega says he ‘only dates Black’

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John Boyega has opened up on his love life, saying he ‘only dates Black’ and disclosing his rules for dating as he juggles about his private lives.

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His professional career continues to gain strength every now and then, the actor disclosed in a recent interview that he has his own set of rules for dating.

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In an interview, he went on to clarify that his dating life was done in such a way as to guarantee his privacy, ‘disciplined in the type of women I speak to’.

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For him, the biggest inspiration for the relationship he wants is none other than his mum and dad, saying “There’s nothing that this world can do to make me inspired by anything else but my parents.”

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The 30-year-old has once spoken about how letting his private and professional life collide has made dating tough.

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During the promotion for Star Wars, he described that he’d been given the recommendation to ‘try and secure the love of your life’ before becoming a primary movie star.

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He also told a tale of his relationship which ended when his partner asked what he did for a living and pointing to a Star Wars poster where he was featured, telling the acknowledgment ‘affected her kind of stance’.

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Away from the big screen he’s also well known for being a vocal and fearless advocate against racism.

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Two years back, he took a gamble to do the right thing and gave a decisive speech at a Black Lives Matter demonstration as he told the crowd of his support for victims George Floyd, Sandra Bland, and Trayvon Martin.

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Boyega became a global star for his role as Finn in the new Star Wars trilogy. He also called the role an ‘remarkable opportunity’.

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