Penguins Captain Sidney Crosby Wants to Play Six More Years

By sayyad

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Since the last few weeks, the future of the big three Penguins has come to a question.

These Penguins Penguins are Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, and Kris Letang.

The path cleared after the re-signing of Letang who will dwell with the Penguins.

He will stay with the Penguins for next 6  years.

According to a report, Crosby wants to play another six years,also.

Crosby has three years left in his present agreement. The present contract terminates in 2025.

The next domino to fall for the Penguins has to be the Malkin agreement.

Head coach stated he’s positive, Malkin will be signed.

Letang received message from Malkin and Letang replied by saying “I hope you get this accomplished so we keep it all jointly.”

May be, the team getting older, but the skill hasn’t dipped even a bit.