Study reveals: Just 7% of U.S. adults have good cardiometabolic health

By sayyad

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Majority of the American adults want to think about skipping the summertime barbecues.

New research discovers that less than seven percent of the adult population have good cardiometabolic health by health experts.

Researchers say there are five prime components of health for measuring it.

Blood pressure, blood sugar, blood cholesterol, adiposity, and the presence/absence of cardiovascular disease are the components to measure health.

Using the information on 55,000 adults, the results show just 6.8% of American adults reached optimal levels of health

Moreover, the study found that American health has been in decline for two decades.

In 1999, one in three adults had healthy levels of adiposity.

Three in five people were free of diabetes and prediabetes.

By 2018, that number dropped to just one in four Americans.

By 2018, however, around six in 10 adults had one of these conditions!