U.S. 2022 World Cup kits released by Nike, leaves players ‘angry’

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Nike’s release of the U.S. men’s national team’s 2022 World Cup kits, and the jerseys got revealed somehow last month, a few USMNT players got to witness it.

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Nike has not responded to questions from Yahoo Sports about how the kits came to be. It's “uniform design cues include bold stripes, an enlarged center crest akin to basketball jerseys, the unique shoulder and sleeve cut-and-sew construction."

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Nike also released jerseys for all. It said the material would be “cutting-edge” and “lightweight.”

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Tim Weah were “just as angry” as fans are. Nike officially revealed the jerseys today early morning, along with 11 World Cup kits.

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Fans have come out fiercely against both the designs. Many have resembled jerseys to warmup shirts. In social media comments, they've pled the U.S. Soccer for a second thought.

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The U.S. women's national team will also wear the same kit, then will get their own new kit in the next summer Women's World Cup.

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In a press release, Nike said they were “motivated by insights and discussion with athletes.” But the three athletes who’ve spoken about them on a Zoom call have indicated that USMNT players are annoyed.

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Musah is the most positive and optimistic personality on the roster, and he said “The kits that they created. I'm confident they'll look great on us on the pitch.”

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When he was asked to rate the kits with a thumbs up or thumbs down, he smiled and bent his thumb sideways.

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Adidas and Puma have released World Cup jerseys for their national teams. The tournament commences Nov. 20 in Qatar.

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