Vengeance-driven American comedy film analysis

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The vengeance-based friendship comedy "Do Revenge" is the high school movie as the "Scream" series was to share a "Halloween" slasher picture.

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Director-cowriter borrowed the plot of "Strangers on a Train," wherein the murderer entices a stranger to "swap" murders with him so that the police will believe both killings are random, making it more difficult to unravel.

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Riverdale star Camila Mendes was obsessed with getting into Yale.

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At the start of the story, she's on top of the world. Teen Vogue even throws her a party to applaud her for winning the magazine's Teen of the Year award.

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The movie has a convincing touch with this sort of satire, scoring laughs by acknowledging how silly some of the sensitive languages sound.

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Enter Eleanor who played a role of a gangly white lesbian in the Hollywood series. Drea, the friend of Eleanor, suggests swapping vengeance plots.

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The screenplay mines the same thematic aspects as Robinson's MTV series "Sweet/Vicious".

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"Do Revenge" doesn't hold any relationship to the high school.

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The cinematographer conspires with the director to keep the movie winding its way ahead.

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The movie takes its time in revealing all of the characters and lowering the plot into place.

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