Who was the first person Zendaya messaged after getting the Emmy award?

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For playing Rue In euphoria, the top culture Beloved singer Zendaya won her second Emmy Award last night.

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After winning the award, a reporter asked Zendaya who was the first person she texted after receiving the award and gaining the victory.

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Zendaya said she didn't text her mom because her mom was already there with her, which is why she texted her boyfriend.

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She didn't mention her boyfriend's name, but the whole world knows she is referring to Tom Holland. They keep their fling on a private ship.

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Zendaya is the youngest person who won two Emmys at the age of 26 and the first ever black lady who won outstanding lead actresses in a drama series twice.

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Tom couldn't attend the Emmys award, which happened in Los Angeles. Instead, he sent his good vibes from afar; New York City.

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He was busy with his upcoming Apple+series, “The crowded room in the New York City."

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Tom and Zendaya are very frank about their dating life, but they keep their private details did themselves.

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When Zendaya was shooting abroad, Tom took the flight from New York and flew to her in Budapest to spend some alone time.

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Zendaya said that she didn't understand the public interest in her dating life, and she also said that it was pretty strange and weird I'm confusing for her.

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