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Soccer is a very interesting game. The game has been revolutionized that everyone seems to know everything about the game. This is the level of popularity the game has gathered. It is interesting to see that as the game advance, there are new few new things that come into the game without the fans, in particular not getting along quickly with it.

One such thing is the soccer position abbreviations used for players. Many know the positions of their favorite players, what is not clear is when they see a two-letter or three-letter words in front of their names describing their positions. This sometimes isn’t clear to many and this article will address it and give meaning to the soccer position abbreviations.

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GK– The goalkeeper is represented as GK in most applications or on team sheets during match days. This is the easiest to know and one of the oldest soccer position abbreviations.

CB– This means center back. This is the position played by the two central defenders that play in front of the goalkeepers. The abbreviation is mostly used for at least two players in the starting team as there are mostly two center backs in the starting a lineup of a match.

RB– This means right back. The position played by a defender that is on the right-wing of the defense. His duty also entails contributing to the attack of his team from the defense by charging forward when his team his attacking. There is some modern right back in the game that is called RWB or right wing-back. Their roles are similar to that of RB just in a bit attacking the sense.

LB– It means left-back and does the same duty as right-back just from the left side of the pitch. There are also LWB or left wing-back.

DM– This means defensive midfielders. They are what others call the number 4 or in some modern tactics, the sixth player on the pitch from the goalkeeper. His job is to protect and shield the defense.

CM– The CM or central midfielder is the player that creates and tries to control the game to favor his team and get the maximum points.

AM– The AM or attacking midfielder is responsible for creating chances for the attackers to score goals while also assisting with the creativity of the team. It is sometimes written as AMF when three letters are used.

LW– The left-winger or LW is a part of the attacking players that lead the transitioning from defense to attack to playing on the left attacking flank to creating chances and also scoring goals for his team. LW is also written as LWF meaning left-wing forward.

RW– This is the right-winger that plays on the other side of the LW. The role is exactly the same as the LW just on the other side of the pitch. It is also written as RWF or right-wing forward.

CF– This means central forward. This is the striker in the team and he is responsible for leading the attacking line of his team. He is expected to be banging in the goals and a CF is the talisman of the team as he makes the difference with his goals.

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