Top 7 Tallest Female Volleyball Players Which Rules the Game

Some Tallest female volleyball players are the epitome of style, strength, and athleticism. These extraordinary sportsmen succeed in volleyball thanks to a special mix of height, agility, and strength. This article will go into the universe of tallest female volleyball players, examining their extraordinary skills, effect on the sport, and difficulties. Join us as we honor these outstanding athletes who tower over the net and astound onlookers.

Height is very important in sports like basketball and volleyball. It has several benefits for the athlete. Basketball and volleyball players with greater heights have an easier time succeeding. The tallest male and female basketball players have previously been covered in our earlier articles. Some of the tallest athletes playing volleyball in the world are featured in the story below. Let’s explore the list that follows.

The emergence of the tallest women’s volleyball players

The tallest female volleyball players have become more common in recent years. It is not unexpected that the court for volleyball has evolved into a venue for these talented athletes to flourish, given the rise in the median stature of women worldwide. These athletes have an impact beyond their size because they motivate young athletes and dispel stereotypes about femininity in sports.

Height Has Benefits in Volleyball

Height gives players a natural edge in volleyball, enabling them for a higher block shots proficiently and launch strong attacks. The tallest female volleyball competitors have a longer wingspan, which allows them to encompass more court space and more effectively block the assaults of the other team. Their height also helps them be strong spikers who frequently render their opponents defenseless by thundering rockets soaring over the net.

Taller players can jump higher, block shots more successfully, and launch more potent attacks, giving them an inherent edge in volleyball. The increased wingspan of taller female volleyball players allows them to cover more court space and more effectively block the assaults of the opposing team. Their height also helps them be powerful spikers who fire thundering shots over the net, frequently rendering their opponents powerless.

What height range falls within the female volleyball player?

Female volleyball players’ average height varies depending on the competition level. The average height of female volleyball players in professional and collegiate competitions is between 5 feet 9 and 6 feet 4 inches.

Here is the list of Some Tallest Female Volleyball Players in the world:-

Alba Hernandez

  • Alba Hernandez Tallest Female Volleyball Players

The tallest female volleyball player is this one. Alba Hernandez is 207 cm (6.79 feet) tallest and is from Puerto Rico. Alba got in 1994 and is a middle blocker for the German team Rote Raben Vilsbiburg. She is merely a replacement, even if another player isn’t as tall. Reaching 293 cm (9.61 ft), Alba Hernandez blocks, and spikes reach a height of 305 cm (10 ft). The tallest woman’s volleyball player is much shorter than the tallest male. Visit this site to find out which volleyball player is the tallest.

Nelly Alisheva

  • Nelly Alisheva  tall volleyball player

Alisheva was among the tallest female volleyball players in the world; therefore, even if she is now a retired athlete, we always think about her. She has played as a middle blocker in the past and is 206 cm (6.76 ft) tallest. VK Proton was her last club. She began her career there. Then, from 2003 to 2011, she played for Dinamo-Yantar, and from 2011 to 2013, she did so with Omitchka Omsk. Notably, Nelly Alisheva was officially recognized as the most powerful woman in Russia by the International Guinness Book of Awards in 2013.

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Anna Kajalina

  • Anna Kajalina volleyball player
  • Anna Kajalina volleyball player

Anna Kajalina is in the opposing position and is 205 cm (6.73 ft) tallest. This tallest player is from Estonia, and she is the star player for Italian Cutrofiano Volley. She won the Italian Cup di Serie A2 with this team. She also contributed to the victories of her former teams in the French Tournament & French Championships. She began playing professionally in 2004, but she is still a crucial player due to her height.

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Magdalena Stysiak

  • magdalena stysiak volleyball player

Young volleyball player Stysiak from Poland is well-known for her height. She is 203 cm (6.66 in) tallest. She has already won a few awards, notably an award of gold in the Montreux Volley Masters. Magdalena was selected as the 2018 Junior European Championship’s greatest opponent. In 2016, she made her professional volleyball debut. She is very skilled and can rank among the finest players in volleyball in the world. She has been a member of the Italian team Savino Le Bene Scandicci since 2019. Magdalena Stysiak spikes further than Alba Hernandez at 324 cm (10.63 feet).

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Dana Rettke

  • Dana Rettke volleyball 

Another young, tallest volleyball player is Dana Rettke. Her height is 203 cm (6.66 feet), and she arrived on the scene in 1999. Dana is a student-athlete who competes for the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Wisconsin Badgers women’s volleyball team as a middle blocker. She inherited her father’s height, 198 cm (6.60 ft). She joined the USA’s international squad in 2019, won the Volleyball Nations League, and earned a spot in the 2020 Olympics. Rettke receives several honors, namely the B1G Player Award of the Year.

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Yulia Merkulova

  • Yulia Merkulova volleyball player

For her squad Dinamo Krasnodar, where she spent a few years of her career, Yulia Merkulova is a precious player. She is a middle blocker who stands 202 (6.63 feet) tallest. She competed for the Russian women’s national volleyball team at the 2006 FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Championship in Japan. Besides winning the CEV Women’s Challenge Cup in 2013, she hasn’t had many achievements with her teams.

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Yuan Xinyue

  • Yuan Xinyue  female volleyball player

Most of us believe Chinese people are short. It’s accurate. However, Yuan Xinyue, who is 201 cm (6. 59 feet) tallest, is exempt from it. She represents Bayi Volleyball and is now a middle blocker. Along with her colleagues Zhu Ting & Zhang Changning, Xinyue additionally plays for the China national team, where she is regarded as one of the squad’s important players. She won several competitions with China, including the Asian Championship, the World Cup, and the Beijing Olympics in 2015. She stops at 315 cm (10.33 ft), nails at 325 cm (10. 66 ft), and both.

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Difficulties and training programs

Despite the potential benefits, the tallest female volleyball players confront particular difficulties. It might be difficult to retain their agility and coordinate their lengthy limbs. But with committed training programs emphasizing mobility, footwork, and coordination, elite athletes hone their abilities and overcome any inborn challenges. They develop the skills necessary to fully utilize their height via diligent practice, which raises the bar for their performance.

The Effect of Height on Team Dynamics in Female Volleyball Players

The squad dynamics are quite important for the tallest female volleyball players. They are intimidating at the net and are the tallest creatures on the court, frequently forcing other teams to change their tactics. Their team’s ability to deflect balls and block shots can change the course of a match in their favor. Additionally, their height and dominating presence might motivate their colleagues to give it their all.

Motivating the Future Generation

Especially for the tallest individuals, the tallest female volleyball players have emerged as role models for ambitious young athletes. These players demonstrate that being the tallest is not a disadvantage but a special asset that, when used with hard effort and devotion, can result in triumph on the volleyball field. Young girls are inspired by their accomplishments to accept their height, pursue their aspirations, and succeed in sports.


Do the tallest women who play volleyball have to play just certain positions?

tallest women who play volleyball may be excellent middle blockers, outside hitters, opposite hitters, and setters. Coaches can strategically employ their abilities thanks to their adaptability.

Is there a common playing style among all the tallest female volleyball players?

Everyone on the team has their unique abilities and playing styles. Others are excellent at attacking and scoring, while some concentrate on blocking and defense. The variety of playing methods makes the game more exciting and interesting.

Is height the sole characteristic that determines volleyball success?

While height has advantages, other elements, including abilities, technique, collaboration, and game sense, are as important in deciding volleyball success. Excellence is not always ensured by height alone.


The tallest women who play volleyball continue to have lasting impacts memorizing spectators with their poise, strength, and unshakable commitment. Due to their special skills and the difficulties they encounter, they are formidable opponents on the court. As they challenge conventional norms and serve as an example for an upcoming generation of athletes, these towering personalities are looked up to by aspiring athletes. Look out for these outstanding players who rule the match with their exceptional talents and imposing presence the next time you attend a volleyball match.

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