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Samuel Eto’o Fils is one of the biggest names that will be mentioned if strikers are mentioned in the modern history of a footballer. The former Barcelona striker was a beast in front of goal at his peak. This was why he was well respected across the board amongst his fellow players and fans.

This has also made it easy for Samuel Eto’s net worth to be able to amass to something huge. He managed to build so much wealth from salary and endorsements both while playing and after retiring from the game. Eto’s career is worth emulation by young players that want to get to the top.

The 39-year-old Cameroonian has shown that you can come from the smallest village and still make it to the top and play for the very best clubs across the world for decades if you are the focus.

The way Eto career panned out also highlights the sacrifice he made to remain at the top by going out on loan despite being signed by Real Madrid and from there finding his feet at Mallorca before joining Barcelona where he blossomed to the player we all know.  

Samuel Eto net worth 

It is no surprise that he is the richest footballer in Africa both past and present, according to Forbes. Samuel Eto’s net worth is in the region of $95 million and this is an accumulation of his salary and business dealings outside football.

Forbes however estimated his net worth to be $65 million. He however used the money made from football to diversify into other businesses that have yielded so much fortune for him. That is why he is in the list of the top 20 world’s most famous footballers.

The longevity of his career also made it easy for him to be known by many generations. Paying across the country also added to what increased his net worth as he was able to get very juicy deals at cubs Anzhi Makhachkala.

Samuel Eto investments

When footballer retires, they try to diversify their investment to remain as wealthy as they were when playing. Some stay within the sports industry while some branch out completely to things like real estate and oil and gas.

For Samuel Eto, he was able to craft a path for himself in the sports market. He found his place in the sports betting industry by investing in a sports betting company called Betoo. This was done in his home country, Cameroun.

He was capitalizing on the digitalization of the industry in his country which allows new players in the industry. With his knowledge of the game, he moved swiftly to be part of the first mover in his country.

Revenues in betting companies in Africa are growing rapidly and Eto doesn’t want to miss out on this. His Betoo has several sports beyond football that punters can bet on ranging from Basketball to Handball to Tennis and many more. This is a very good way for Eto net worth to grow rapidly when he manages it efficiently.

Samuel Eto wife 


Eto’s love story is an adorable one and one that deserves several accolades. He is married to his long timer lover long before the fame and money became a big thing. He is married to Georgette Eto’o. A former hairstylist has been with the star since he moved to Europe.

It all started in France at Nantes where Georgette and Eto were trying to make a career but all never worked out for him career-wise then. Distance became an issue when Eto had to leave France back to Cameroun when he could not make any progress in his career.

Eventually, they were able to sort things out and he was back in Europe when he was signed by Real Madrid and they started living together in Spain. They have two kids after then and as the thing began to get better financially, they got married legally and had two more kids.

He ensured he made his wife a happy woman as she has been there for him. He proposed to her with a worthy ring that cost €500,000.  They have had their issues as Eto was once accused of infidelity but they still got through it.

Georgette has been a big support for Eto that has made him been able to achieve some of the net worth through advice and support all through the tough times they were trying to get the thing through the line. 

Samuel Eto’o nationality 

Samuel Eto is a native of Douala in Cameroun. He is also the country’s highest goal scorer and the best player to ever play for the country. He has supported children from his country in getting access to education and football kits so as to become professionals like him. 

Samuel Eto’o house 

As a footballer who has played in several countries, he will have definitely bought houses in those countries he played. He is known to have apartments in Italy, two in Spain, one in the middle east, three in Africa.

These houses also contributed to Samuel Eto’s net worth as he bought them at a very lucrative location that the value continues to appreciate. He is known to have owned an apartment that was haunted by the famous 3000-year-old Egyptian king Tutenkhamun!

Several people that have lived in the house in the past were reported to have disappeared. These are fairytales and are seen as part of being a rich man living in an apartment that is known by many to have a historical background. 

Samuel Eto also helped former Cameroun captain, Norbert Owona to get an apartment when he was homeless and facing some financial problems. 

Samuel Eto salary per minute

For a player to be that rich, the way Eto is, he must have earned so much in salaries and bonuses while playing. Having started his career at Real Madrid but did not make it big until his move to Barcelona, his salary was not one of the best in the game until post-Barcelona days.

His biggest salary was at Anzhi Makhachkala. This was a reward for his past hard work where he didn’t earn as much as he did in the three years at the Russian club. He earned $24 million per year for a period of three years.

This was one of the best in the world but he left after three years for top-flight football again as he joined former manager, Jose Mourinho at Chelsea where he earned $16 per min at Chelsea for one season before moving to Everton for another one season.

These salaries helped increase his investment opportunities and also allowed him to have it that he played in England.

Champions League Eto o 

One thing that stands out for Eto was that he is among very few players that won back to back Champions League with two different clubs. He won his first Champions League medal with Barcelona in 2006 where he scored in the final.

In 2009, he won the second Champions League with Barcelona and also scored in the final against Manchester United. He left the next season and was instrumental in Inter Milan triumph in 2010. This makes a total of three Champions League won by Eto.

Eto goals 

Samuel Eto will be remembered for several things and one of the most notable ones will be for his goals in big moments. A tally of 371 goals in 764 games for clubs across Europe is not a record to forget easily.

He scored the highest tally of his goals for Barcelona, 130 goals in 199 games in five seasons at the Camp Nou. He is also the record goalscorer for his country with 56 goals in 118 games. 

Eto o Cameroon jersey 

A goal poacher that is remembered for donning the number 9 jersey in almost everywhere he played. From club to country. He wore the number 9 for all his career with the national team. It was only at Chelsea that he wore 29.

Eto o son


Samuel Eto now has a son, Etienne Eto that is taking after the steps of his father to become a footballer. The teenager has already started showing flashes of brilliance at the youth team at Real Mallorca and has also represented Cameroun at the U17 youth championship.

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