Why Spurs won’t make the top four next term

The premier league starts in three weeks’ time and the prediction is on. Many have started getting excited about the new season. Clubs in the top six are hoping they can lunch assault on Manchester City as the next champion of England. Tottenham finished third last season and now will want to prove that they can do better. They will be out to prove everyone wrong that they are not perennial bottlers when it comes to the big stage.

Spurs have a reputation of starting the season on a good note and grow into it and as the season progresses, they get better. They advance to the stage whereby they challenge for the title. This has been evident in the last two seasons. After a consistent finish at the top in the last few seasons, it is almost time for Spurs to reach the tipping point. Finishing in the top four, an automatic Champions League place, now look uncertain at the club.

Looking at the way the club has done business so far in the transfer window, it has been more of ensuring that key players don’t leave than buying new bodies. Harry Kane just agreed on a new long term deal at the club, Dele Alli is on a long term contract, Christian Eriksen still has over two years on his contract. This has been Spurs concentration while trying to finalize their return to their stadium, White Hart Lane, for the new season.

This has been a fantastic idea but it will be difficult to see a club with the same squad and no addition go on and do spectacular things the following season.

Keeping the cost down at the club has always been Daniel Levy’s way of running a club. Making the best out of the little he’s giving the manager. Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Manchester United are the people Spurs are contending with to wrestle the league from Manchester City.

All these clubs have made signings that will address their current needs at the club. Spurs see it that they don’t have a department they need to fill that an academy graduate can’t occupy like in the time past when the likes of Kyle Walker and Danny Rose rose from the very good academy youth players they’ve had.

Things have changed and clubs are now investing in their future. Players are brought in to help challenge and complement whatever the academy can chun out. This is one thing that will worm against Spurs this season and why they might fail to finish in the top four.

Too much self-dependent can be taken for cockiness and that it, truly is what the club’s problem is. Looking forward to what could be achieving with the current set of players is just a regular top-four challenge that might not favor them.

The look at other people in your race makes you know how far you have gone and well you should prepare going forward. This is what Spurs have failed to do. They’re only looking inward and not outward and differently. It is only a matter of time before this system breaks down and all the players start making those audacious moves to a bigger club and in no time, Mauricio Pochettino will be on his way out of the club.

This season is looking like the season Spurs fire is about to be quenched finally out of the top four.

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