Instagram post of rapper PnB Rock at Roscoe’s may have led to killing, LAPD chief says

A day after the PNB rock rapper was gunned down while having lunch at a Los Angeles restaurant, local authorities said Tuesday that an untimely Instagram post from his girlfriend could be his killer.

The rapper, known as Rakeem Allen, was robbed and shot Monday afternoon at the House of Chicken and Waffles in Roscoe. Her murder immediately sparked controversy, with rappers Kodak Black and Nicki Minaj blaming their 30-year-old friend Stephanie Sibonhuang for publishing a geotagged story about her food.

Police confirmed Tuesday that the impulsive story may have contributed to Allen’s death.

Los Angeles Police Chief Michelle Moore said the attack occurred “shortly after Sibaunhyun posted a photo of the couple having dinner at Roscoe’s Restaurant,” which investigators believe may have been Allen’s killer Must have provided location information.

“He was with his family, girlfriend, some friends and was having a casual dinner there when he was brutally attacked by a man who posted on social media and appeared to be at the scene,” Moore said. He said, ‘It’s not. he said on Tuesday.

Moore said Allen’s attacker ran into the chicken coop and demanded that he be given jewelry and “other valuables” before pulling the trigger. 

Police say Allen, a father of two daughters, died Monday night. The suspects in his murder had not been identified as of Tuesday evening.

Sibaunheuang first deleted the couple’s chicken and waffle posts from her story, then permanently deactivated her personal Instagram account. But his trade profile remained active on Tuesday, drawing hundreds of hateful comments per minute.

According to a social media post, Ellen and Cibaonhuang welcomed their daughter in 2020 and have been together ever since. But instead of peacefully mourning the loss of her partner on Tuesday, the 31-year-old fashion designer turned to the joy of the crowd.

Hate comments aren’t limited to the internet. Florida rapper Kodak Black, who previously worked with Allen and said he spoke with him Sunday night, revealed in an Instagram story that Sibaunheuang “could kill himself.”

Nicki Minaj joined Kodak, who tweeted: “There’s no way we can keep posting about rappers or where our loved ones are. Pancakes and fried chicken?”

Allen’s murder was the latest in a series of rapper murders.

Rapper Bob Smoak was killed in February 2020 while leaving a crime scene in Brooklyn. Police also said the killers tracked her down after she posted a black gift bag with her address on social media.

Other murders include last November’s slaying in Young Dolph’s hometown of Memphis and the 2019 slaying of Nipsey Hussle in Los Angeles.

A week before the victim in the crash, Allen was arrested during a Sept. 2 appearance on the podcast “Off the Record with DJ Akademic” during a Los Angeles show.

He recounted the attempted robbery while he was with Sipaon Haven and their daughter at the height of the epidemic. He said criminals in Los Angeles are more daring than those in his hometown of Philadelphia, and that’s what scared him.

“Where I come from, we love cunning criminals,” Allen said. In Los Angeles, they are champions.

“That’s why I think L.A. is the place to be,” responded podcast host Akademex. It’s scary, man. “It’s pretty bold. I watch crazy videos and it’s like they don’t even do it at night. It’s like night, but in daylight they really do it.”

Allen said he’s been so distraught since his brother’s death, that one of his last public comments made awkward.

“It was just something inside of me that made me realize this bullshit is the reality of life,” Allen said. “I’ve seen people die before, I’ve met people who have died…anyone can die,” he said.

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