Diego Maradona net worth 2020 will wow you!

There is no way the history of football will be talked about and the name of Diego Maradona will not pop up. He was one of the greatest to ever grace the game. Some even refer to him as the greatest player to ever play the game. However, Diego Maradona’s net worth is not as high as many would have thought for many reasons. He is estimated to worth just over $100,000.

Starting from his tax cases with Italian tax authorities to his early drug life, things seem not to be perfect for the Argentine. However, it all has to start from the beginning, how he made so much money and how he lost them all.

Born as Diego Armando Maradona on July 18, 1960, in Lanús, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Starting his playing career in his native club, Argentinos Juniors making his presence known from there and many noticing how good he was before Boca Juniors came calling for his signature in 1981 after spending 5 years there.

His talent has now been noticed by the world and he could not spend much time at Boca as Barcelona came calling after just a season at Boca Juniors. He signed for Barcelona for a record fee of £5m. Despite not spending much time in Barcelona, he made his mark known at Nou Camp.

With 22 goals in 36 games, it was always going to be a great height for anyone then to match that goal ratio. All these were coming after he had scored 116 and 28 goals for Argentinos Juniors and Boca Juniors respectively. As it seems the move out of Barcelona was on the horizon, Napoli was the next destination, a place he will earn his name as the greatest player in the club history.

He won the club their first Italia Serie-A in 1987 and went on to win a second in 1990. A UEFA Cup and Coppa Italia were amongst the trophies he won with the Naples side. His involvement with the Argentine National is also a very tremendous one leading them to the 1986 world cup glory and participating in four finals.

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His drug cases at Napoli in 1992 and at the 1994 world cup did not do well for his name and reputation and this affected his brand and marketability which has a hand in his net worth. Diego Maradona’s net worth should be north of over $100m but many court cases have hindered his financial status.

The Italian tax police were hammering down on him early in the turn of this decade and have charged him with several tax offenses from his playing days in Italy at Napoli in 1984 to 1991.

For a player that was suspended for 15 months after testing positive for cocaine and had to leave the club that so much loved him in disgrace, it was obvious some things were wrong within with Maradona. If that wasn’t enough, failing another drug test for ephedrine in 1994 at the world cup beam light in his direction that doesn’t paint him in a good image.

This is why when the tax authorities in Italy are confiscating his properties worth $39m to offset his tax debt, only a few raised eyebrow. He had maintained a life that makes it difficult for someone to trust him not to have fallen guilty of these tax offenses.

As time pass, many will remember that Maradona was one athlete that had the potential of being one of the richest in sport due to his brilliance but never came close because of his lifestyle. This shows that it went beyond knowing how to playing the game but also having good advisories around you.

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