Launch of God of War Rangarok is one of the biggest titles this year.

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Ahead of the launch of the title on N9 this year on the Sony PS4 and PS5, the trailer showcases various gameplay aspects, including the new enemies,

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It also includes wolves chasing the sun and what looked like a boss battle with the flying foes as Kratos and his son Atreus Continue their adventure after the event of the last God of War 2018 game.

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In the God of War Ragnarok trailer, other gameplay elements include sections where Kratos can be seen in his iconic blades of chaos.

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It can now apparently also be used to whip across parts of the environment quickly, and the leviathan axe from the first game, complete with its freezing.

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The two-tone finish of the controller comes with an icy white and incredible blue combination reminiscent of the final battle setting scene in the trailer. The controller still has black buttons and two holes on the top.

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It's been almost a year to the day since God of War Ragnarok was first teased, and now we finally have the first authentic look.

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Craig and his growing bullet at Reyes will be facing in this sequel. There's a lot to take in, including some new and familiar faces, so let's slow down to check out some of the bigger reveals from this trailer.

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Just like the previous game foreshadowed, it seems fimble winter is upon the doable one of the events leading up to the mythical war of the gods called Ragnarok Kratos looks pretty keen to static, unlike his son.

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He has grown slightly since we last saw him. He's even carrying a deer he hunted all by himself, having learned a lot from the lessons he was taught in 2018. Got a war in these early wintery scenes. Kratos seems to be missing the blades of chaos.

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The limited edition wireless remote will be available on November 9, and the pre-booking will start on September 27.

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