Goodnight Mommy patently unnecessary films of the year?

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Goodnight Mommy was a wicked and queasily effective item that took one of the primal fears that we know and have somehow been replaced.

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It replicates the basic story beats of the original but leaves out all of the tension.

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As the film begins, the twin brothers are being left by their father at the isolated country home which belongs to their mother.

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In that house, the brothers found strange developments which lead to a conclusion.

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The brothers get frightened by their Mom’s irrational behavior and are unable to contact their father, they try to run away but that doesn’t work out.

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Later, one finds himself badly torn between his doubts over her identity.

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The cruel means used by them were required to find information, and it largely lowers the horror quotient.

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This movie plods along arriving at the twist that verifies to be anything but in their hands.

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The viewpoint of the film will be different from that of someone who never saw the earlier version and who is going to see this one with fresh eyes.

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For those who saw the original “Goodnight Mommy,” this version will be an unforgivable botch that will drop.

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