Is World Heartthrob John Boyega single?

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Hollywood is full of heartthrobs starting from Michael B. Jordan to Kofi Siriboe and Boyega is one of them.

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British actor John Boyega is the newest talent to catch everyone’s eye.

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He has been opening up about his life, fans are excited to know about his present romantic standing.

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In an interview with The Breakfast Club, he was questioned about his personal life, and he said that he’s single.

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The British actor has a few preferences for his partner. 'He likes his women, Black'. His preference for dating has been consistent for years.

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He told the publication that "I only date Black," then it’s all about chemistry, personality, and goals.

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At the time of the Black Lives Matter movement, he was instrumental in using his voice to influence the masses.

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In June 2020, John expressed his feelings at a Black Lives Matter rally and his words also hit home for many people.

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He also said, “We are a representation of our constant support for George Floyd and Sandra Bland."

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His dedication to the betterment of Black people will keep going to earn him the respect of his peers.

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