Cristiano Ronaldo From Sporting To Juventus

A few weeks after Lionel Messi, it was time for Cristiano Ronaldo to join the club. After confirming Ronaldo at Manchester United, two of the biggest stars in world football join new teams in the same transfer game.

The club made the announcement hours after Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri told Ronaldo he would not play for Juventus. Before flying to Portugal on Friday, the actor cleared his office and told his friends.

A year before the Juventus contract, 36-year-old Ronaldo will return to the club and become a world star for the 2003-2009 season. These are wonderful events. That same day, Manchester City were on the verge of signing the Portuguese star, but were beaten by the Red Devils. He saw a deal with Juventus last week.

Why did Ronaldo leave Juventus?

Juventus became another favorite to win the Italian league title last season and the club is expected to qualify for the UEFA Champions League. So why did Ronaldo leave one of the European clubs?

Ronaldo has worked hard since joining Juventus – both on and off the pitch – and his exit has been good for both the player and the team.

Why a move to Ronaldo was needed: Despite Juventus’ elite talent, the club apparently failed to win the Champions League with Chelsea, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich. ….

Ronaldo’s fifth Champions League victory and two trophies made history in Europe with the player. His 134 goals and points are more than any other player in the history of the tournament.

Ronaldo cares about his product and his legacy and always wants to be the most important. If he can finish the next two or three seasons with a team that wins a big box and beats Messi and PSG to help him, he can make up stories about his memories. This is not the case with Juventus.

Juventus thoughts: Ronaldo was the top scorer in Serie A last season (29 goals). He has scored 101 goals in 134 games for Juve – the fastest player in the club’s history – to help Juventus win three trophies at the club. However, the Turin team did not use the $ 120 million they had to win Ronaldo in Italy

The Bianconeri hopes Ronaldo will help them win the UEFA Champions League since 1996. He failed – three different managers have not helped in three seasons – and Juventus have left each one in the playoffs. they have not yet reached the semi-finals in all three seasons. According to reports, Ronaldo worked hard in the 16th round in Porto in March, less than six months later.

There is an external consideration. Given the financial crisis caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, an estimated $ 235 million is missing this year, compared to $ 100 million a year within Ronaldo’s organization. to make descriptive money.

Ronaldo’s acquisition in 2018 has helped boost Juventus’ productivity: The club is at the forefront of the world, doubling the following, and helping Ronaldo raise revenue and relationships. But the illness has changed the club’s financial situation, and Juventus are awake and refreshed. Ronaldo’s transition period was difficult.

Ronaldo rejoins Manchester United

There are early indications that his move to Euro 2021 in the summer is a real possibility. When rumors started that Juventus would transfer money to Ronaldo to balance out the wallet, there were rumors that cars were leaving him and his home in Turin, with the posting of Instagram as an organization helping the poor against the Italians and Juve. 

As the summer progressed, new rumors emerged from Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain over the domino transfer of French star Client Mbappe. Ronaldo’s annoyed post on Instagram coincided with his departure from Juventus.

But on the day of the team’s first game of the new season in the Italian Serie A, Juventus Brass and his coach Ronaldo revealed that they would not go where it looked like it was raining. Juve manager Allegri told him that Ronaldo was there. But there is a transfer market, Allegri said. The situation has changed, and we must see it.

Manchester City striker Harry Kane has decided to stay at Tottenham Hotspur this summer and many are expecting a big change. Manchester City have been linked with Ronaldo, who appears to have played a key role in Kane’s midfielder. The English champions under Pep Guardiola often do not have a real midfielder, many of whom are newcomers and midfielders who were replaced last season. It will be interesting to see if Ronaldo can score for Manchester City. Manchester City’s Champions League finalists are hungry to win their first European Cup in 2021. So, let’s get to the basics.

However, this was not a move Manchester United were happy with, and the club were unable to agree a move back to Old Trafford. Ronaldo has become a world star and a Manchester United star for six seasons with the club. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, a former team-mate and now manager of Manchester United, spoke of his club’s ambitions before being confirmed.

That is the story of the team, the biggest player if you ask me, ” Solskjaer told reporters after the news broke of Ronaldo’s departure from Juventus on August 27. He knows how we feel about him. If he wants to leave Juventus, he knows we are here.

The Red Devils are there: they add $ 33 million to Ronaldo’s team to join an impressive attack that includes Paul Pogba, Bruno Fernandes, Marcus Rashford, Edinson Cavani and Mason Greenwood. The $ 33 million transfer fee will be spent by Juventus, who expect $ 35 million to avoid losing money on Ronaldo’s job. Not a bad thing for the Italians for 37-year-old Ronaldo – in the final year of his contract. Juventus also won major league contracts.

This is probably Ronaldo’s book of European business. Manchester United are in the Champions League for 2021-2022, playing for Villarreal, Atalanta and BSC Young Boys. For Ronaldo, the Red Devils are currently vying for the Champions League title, even though Ronaldo is playing for them. The Champions League final came in May 2009, Ronaldo’s last season at Manchester United before moving to Real Madrid.

It remains to be seen whether Ronaldo will be with Manchester United when the Wolves visit Premier League Season 3 on August 29. It looks like Ronaldo will have to wait until November, next Sunday, at Trafford on November 11 Old to face Newcastle.

What did Ronaldo have at Juventus?

Ronaldo has scored 100 goals in three seasons for Juventus. He has won two Serie A titles and two Italian Super Cups. He won the Series MVP in his first season and became two Serie A players to make the Team Season.

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