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Sevilla and ex-Barcelona midfielder Ivan Rakitic ​​told a funny story about meeting his current wife, admitting that yes, yes, he used to ask her “20 to 30 times”. He knows the insignificant Croatia but does not care about foreigners. 

However, Rakitic ​​was meeting Raquel Mauri for the first time and his lack of Spanish prevented him from moving to Schalke and Sevilla in 2011. Every time I saw him it was like a bullet to me, Rakitic told the Players’ Tribune.

Gradually, I started learning Spanish each week, and if I had a problem, I would use my other hand to explain how I wanted to communicate with him. He thought he was laughing. She was like me… Jane. I am … Tarzan.

I asked him 20 to 30 times. The reason for drinking caffeine wisely is that Rakitic’s future wife works in a hotel. So he had to order coffee to talk to her. Not at all, Rakitic is not perfect. But the truth is he did not agree – and his love of self is the key to Rakitic’s victory in Spain.

One day Raquel Mauri explained why she was not going with me. He said he was a football man. You can go abroad this year. Sorry, no, I’m sorry. You know, I’m not the biggest person in the world, so I thought: Maybe you’ll see me and I don’t think I’m big enough, and Sevilla will buy me in the summer.

Another thing that encouraged me during my workout was being with the team so I got a chance to host this girls party with me. Seven months. Eventually, Rachel agreed to have lunch with Mauri Rakitic, and another is true: they were married with two children.

Rakitic did well in school and in love. The 34-year-old joined Barcelona in 2014 and won numerous trophies – including the Champions League and four trophies – before signing for Sevilla in 2020.

The midfielder also played in the 2018 World Cup final against Croatia. At the same time, Raquel Mauri has about 700,000 followers on Instagram and has been with Rakitic for ten years.

Some are familiar with the Sevilla striker and former Barcelona man. In this article you will learn about Raquel Mauri and how they met. Learn more about Raquel Mauri.

Ivan Rakitic ​​is a Croatian footballer who plays for or plays for Spanish football team Sevilla. There are love stories about the end of marriage and marriage. In addition to the love story of Ivan Rakitic and his wife, we provide information about Raquel Mauri personal and professional life.

The beauty of Spain lies in the online industry, and it has more. A quick look at her photos on social media reveals that Raquel Mauri body measurements are in line with her standards of beauty and style, where she is a perfect example. She’s important to Instagram and promotes swimwear in some shows. Learn more about Raquel Mauri.

Raquel Mauri Childhood and Early Life

Let’s start with Raquel Mauri Childhood. He was born in Seville on December 15, 1989, and his astrological sign is Sagittarius according to his birthday. He was born in Seville on December 15, 1989, and his astrological sign is Sagittarius according to his birthday. With a population of over 2,200, the village is rich in Spanish history and is an independent nation. The Spanish beauty was born and raised in Seville.

Raquel Mauri parents are from Spain. Rachel has an older sister, Irene Mauri. He keeps in touch with Irene and often sends pictures with her. Rachel has spent her entire life in Seville and found a dream in the old town. Raquel Mauri Little details about childhood, listen more. Learn more about the host, Raquel Mauri.

Who is Raquel Mauri husband?

Now let’s go into more detail about Rachel Mauri’s husband. Ivan Rakitic was born on March 10, 1988 in Rheinfelden, Switzerland, to a former Yugoslav father. He played at the Swiss youth level but will defend Croatia at the highest level. 

Rakitic began his football career with the Swiss football team in Basel. He spent two seasons there, then signed a contract with Schalke 04. In January 2011, he signed a contract with Spanish club Sevilla. Evan worked hard and proved himself worthy. He took the belt and became the state captain.

His ability and play captivate him enthusiastically. Rakitic led his team to victory in the UEFA Europa League. His talent and style changed Barcelona’s hierarchical concept. In June 2014, Barcelona agreed to exchange Sevilla with Rakitic. 

He won La Liga, the Del Rey Cup and the Champions League in his first season in Barcelona. Rakitic scored the first goal of the 2015 Champions League final, playing for both teams and became the first player to win the Champions League the year he won.

Ivan Rakitic and Raquel Mauri Romance

Enough of the work of her husband Rachel Mauri, let’s take a closer look at their love story as promised. In 2011, before ending his contract with Ivan Sevilla, he went to a hotel where his future friend worked as a waiter. Ivan said in an interview: “I was back at the club hotel after lunch with the sports manager (that was the day I signed for Sevilla). The next day, I realized I had an agreement with my doctor and later with the president.

I was nervous and did not want to go to bed, so my brother and I drank coffee. Now my wife is still my wife in what she does. It is January 27 and there are four days left in the transfer market. I was getting ready to sleep on a private plane when the team called me to register them. He liked it at first, and soon Ivan fell in love with Spanish beauty. Ivan did not know Spanish at the time, and he found it difficult to communicate with Rachel.

Gradually, I started learning Spanish each week, and if I had a problem, I would use my other hand to explain how I wanted to communicate with him. He thought he was laughing. Asked him about 20 to 30 times. Besides, Rachel had no interest in him.

I don’t want to start a relationship with a football player. Evan asked her 20 times and every time Rachel said that, one of my motives was to join the team when I went to training, luckily the girl ate with me. Seven months. Keep up the good work.

Raquel Mauri Children

As for Raquel Mauri children, she is blessed with two amazing children. In July 2013, Rachel gave birth to her first child, Althea, and in May 2016, her second daughter, Adara, was born. Raquel Mauri was 24 when she became a mother. In May 2018, Rachel sent a photo of her young daughter: “It has been two years since my little girl was born.

The happiest girl, the most lovable, the most loving in the world. We love you lady, thank you for the love you have brought into our lives. In July 2020, a happy family celebrates the birth of their first daughter. Raquel posted this photo on her Instagram account with the message: Happy birthday my beautiful lady, don’t change who you are. Every time you smile, we smile. You taught me to be a mother seven years ago, and I teach you. I love you Read more about Raquel Mauri below.

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