Does arteta have what it takes to bring arsenal back to glory

After a long stint at Arsenal under Wenger, the football side needs someone with the right skills to pick up where Wenger left off. Under Wenger’s last season, Arsenal were often wrong, the game is old and needs to change.

They finished in sixth place in the Premier League, lost to Nottingham Forest in the third round of the FA Cup, lost 3-0 in the EFL Cup final and lost 0-1 to Atletico Madrid in the Europa League semi-finals. After a 1-1 draw. After 90 minutes penalties won 1-1 in a penalty shootout 4-1 at Chelsea.

Before the end of the season, Wenger announced his departure from the club in North London, ending his run for more than two years and replacing him with Sir Alex Ferguson. When Wenger left at the end of the season, Unai Emery was moved and a new Arsenal manager was announced, at which point Arteta was ready to take over.

The Frenchman has an excellent record for both Sevilla and PSG. He made history by winning consecutive Europa League titles in Sevilla. It was one of the most celebrated races in the history of the Spanish team. He has won the Ligue 1 trophy once in 2 years at PSG, winning two French trophies, two League Cups and the Champions League along the way.

But Emery’s time at Arsenal was short. Emery has not been able to solve major problems at Arsenal. He gave fans hope for a change, such as missing 22 games and the Europa League finals (lost to rivals in London), but it didn’t work out and the problem is obvious. Wenger has not played since his departure and the pressure is on him, often scoring goals left and right.

Although Alexander Lacazzete and Pierre Emerick Aubameyang are by nature the most competitive duo, they clearly do not have complete protection and stability.

They were in excellent form this season, their Europa League match against Napoli showed what Arsenal could do, while Chelsea and Manchester United lost 2-0 in the relegation zone. It’s a great W for fans and athletes.

Emery has reduced Arsenal’s damage this season, down from 13 wins to 10 for the Lions last season, from 6 to 5 (excluding the dreadful final 4-point line), and last season Wenger points down up. flight.

Emery started the dream season with a Manchester City defender in the first leg and Chelsea in the second leg. For a new manager, trying to rebuild a team, is not what he wanted.

It lost its first two games to the Lions, but went downhill. They went on to run 22 games without a win, then dialled the numbers and won on the road. It was clear to fans that Arsenal could reach the Champions League this season and reach the top 4, but the hot mid-season was completely ruined in the finals. They have only won 3 and drawn one in the last 8 games.

If they want to do better, the Championship will knock on the door, but the inconsistency will set them back in time. Many fans think that winning this season, they have a better game, the team is better than the Hungarian player, when Sanchez leaves United, there is no denying the dressing room, where people expect him to come this year. One cup is better, but there are other results.

Arsenal have spent more than 100 million euros on the likes of Nikolas Pepe, Mateo Guendouzi and David Luiz in this window. Pepe was injured in the new team, but Guendouzi struggled with the game. David Luiz was hired by Chelsea to bolster Socrates and Mustafa’s defence (caution: he did not do well).

All we can say is that he started the season better than before, winning and losing just 4 of 13 Premier League games against Liverpool and Sheffield United. Emery has signed 51 players in his last 51 appearances as manager of the Premier League, including Wenger. His last game was a 1-2 loss to Eintracht Frankfurt before Wenger took over, setting the team’s record of unbeaten run. This article is from scratch

The match was the last nail in the coffin when Emery was released from Arsenal board and Freddie Ljungberg was appointed manager and Arteta was ready to take over. Emery left eight Arsenal, 19 points behind the Champions League and eight points behind the Champions League. While playing for the team, Ljungberg won the first game and lost two, a result Arsenal did not expect to start.

Finally, on December 22, 2019, Arsenal announced the appointment of a new manager Mikel Arteta as their new manager. Although Arteta is unaware of it, Pep Guardiola, one of the world’s best managers, is owned by Manchester City.

Pep was someone’s mentor, and that person had a lot to learn, and Arteta did just that. Pep rebuilt the city of Manchester which made England stronger, a team that scored more goals and scored more goals in the 17-18 season. Pep City turned the bad team and Arteta coached all levels there.

Arteta has some very important skills in the city. Arteta’s driving skills helped build a player like Leroy Sane. When Sane first met the city, Arteta took him under her wing and worked hard with Sane, we see the results, Sane became a world-class striker When he moved to Bavaria, the boxes were waiting on the ground. Germany. Under Pep’s leadership, Arteta led Arsenal against Arsenal. Pep hired Spain and brought in Arteta. City beat Arteta 2-1 next season, while Sterling scored the final goal.

Outside of the city days, Arteta is a mountain to climb to Arsenal, the team is great, the chemistry is gone, there is a lot of belly talent, but defensive direction is needed … at best. … Despite these shortcomings, Arteta has made progress, showing that fines are more important than anything else and that her attitude towards the team has changed.

Guendouzi was fired after he retired from COVID after misconduct on the training ground. He took Ozil out of the team altogether and brought in a little talent like Nketia, Willock and Saka, hardworking players. Arteta wants to play backwards, but will need some flexibility in the window due to Arsenal’s lack of talent.

Arteta played 4-2-3-1 most of the day, Luiz aiming to play long ball and lift the game. Left and midfield midfielders play, allowing defenders to shoot at the top. David Luiz was sceptical in his defense and Arteta took the opportunity to call him to school, using the centre as Haka.

Arsenal have shown signs of improvement, new talents like Nketia and Saka have been a great inspiration to the fans, and if the defense could be the best in the whole park, they could fight for Arsenal. 4 top places Next year if they can Aubameyang, Arsenal’s biggest player in recent years.

People could not believe it – the team did not have a strong defense and a tummy tuck. Arteta has brought in other players to recommend the club, such as Willian of Chelsea, Centre Back Gabriel Lille, and more importantly, the club has signed their electric star Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Although the Gunners thought he needed another defender, Arteta did not.

However, to fulfil the club’s wishes on the day of the transfer deadline, Thomas Party ended his signing at Atletico Madrid. The team needs to help develop the team, which will fully support Arteta. There are many types of difficult words.

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