Whats wrong with turkeys new generation of footballers

On October 29, 1923, Turkish General Mustafa Kemal Ataturk initiated a revolution in Turkey. During the reign of the Prime Minister of the First Republic of the country, the country embarked on a liberal and Western politics, ushering in a period of history and a new era. Turkey and the rebirth of football, the most played and most followed game in the country.

The National League was founded in 1923, and despite its challenges, the team has been competing in a world panorama since 2000. Let’s talk about the hero of the 2002 World Cup (remember the team that shocked Brazil in third place?) Or Imagine the Euro 2008 Cup (quarter-finals).

Turkey is one of the strongest and richest countries in the Middle East (the 7th largest economy in the EU), not a political institution in Europe, but its allies – including the Cossacks, the Uzbeks and Israel – are competing. Relations between Turkey and the rest of Europe have improved in recent seasons, with players moving out: more Turkish players are playing in Europe, and most of the Continental Champions are playing in the Super League.

The move has created good communication between the two teams as European teams invest in commitment to younger players and Turkish teams are doing important business around the world European Jersey.

The show marks the beginning of a new wave of talented Turkish players on Europe’s largest football stadium, and young players born in the 2000s will see this great team chicken. For those who are Turkish, but not always born in Turkey, some born in Germany, decide to play in Mannschaft (like Özil, Gündoğan, Emre Can, Demirbay) or others want to respond in Turkish.

The Super League is a huge competition, growing every year (in recent years Beşiktaş and Galatasaray have exchanged victories): it has been a few years since the catastrophic attacks on Europe by Turkish companies. 2000 UEFA Cup and Galatasaray), but a few years later the status of the Super League team improved.

Deals with fans are one of the most expensive in Turkey – so they can guarantee big pay like Snyder and Van Persie, but the list of top 30 players that has emerged in recent years and is almost endless – money is also investing in young people. schools have gone up. ready to move from a variety of skills to basketball.

But Turkey is a developing country in every way, especially with social media it does not make an amazing tool, a real tool that allows you to get closer to what is happening in these places. virus. Not only the leading companies but also the Turkish companies of domestic companies.


Juventus bought him for 18 million euros and were confirmed by new manager Maurizio Sarri, Merih Demiral was one of Serie A’s top defenders last season.

At the age of 21, the Turkish defender scored two goals in fourteen games in Italy, the main evidence of an interesting story: he grew up as a young Lisbon player, rarely playing at home in Alanyaspor. He was a defender for national coach Lucescu, who put Demiral at the center of defense: the Turk is a current defender, very good at his feet, but it is a way of remembering the best defense. On old school. players in the category. Sarri wanted to stay in Turin when the market changed.

There is a promising force in the city of Cengiz Ünder. He grew up in the Basaksehir province, born 97 and was the first year of Di Francesco in Rome.

In the current Sampdoria training camp, the Turkish international player is the best, fast-paced, fast-paced, fully defensive player. Last season ended with a series of injuries, but the deception of ” Turkish Dybala”, who won their Roma debut, is still in everyone’s memory.

The Roma left wing will soon sell the best of their partner Mert Çetin from Giallorossi in the second division of Turkey and Gençlerbirliği, Sassuolo is a promising young defender, 20 Mert Müldü, who comes in the flesh AC Milan’s Hakan Çalhanoğlu.

Moving to Lille in Italy is not one of the most important places for the next generation of Turks. Another episode was in 1997. Joseph Spring was one of the biggest developers in the game last year, where he scored four goals in 30 games against Trabzonspor. Suspicious of playing mind racing while at home, the man has amazing physics and can put action into the goal line.

Sometimes, he wants to do everything: get the ball, jump, get close to his opponents, then get help from his teammates, or get help from his teammates. Try to shoot from a distance; The amazing thing about this player – the first and most outstanding defender – is how easy it is to make good games.

It’s Lazio’s summer move (news has been circulating for weeks), but he can’t stay away from the Turkish Champions League, where Zeki Çelik plays. His departure created quite a stir among the Turks.

All over Europe

Ennis Annal spent a significant amount of time after being honoured in the Villarreal game. Last year he hired the Amarillo Submarine in Valladolid, helping the team get back to shore.

The 1997-born midfielder born in 1997 was wanted in Europe for a few months: stolen by Manchester City in 2015, Breda moved to the NAC and then relegated to Twente (18 points in the Eredivisie season) to He and tried in Spain, and it was time to play Levante. The 11-year-old, who hits the talent, is a vision, but he can’t show it in the best way: that’s just a matter of time.

After a spell in Milan, the long-awaited Schalke midfielder bought the 2000-born defender Schalke 04. With good foot and well-built, Pumpkin is an excellent keeper when looking forward, and from the back and injuries.

He grew up in the Galatasary youth team, playing in his last Bundesliga Champions Stuttgart, which saw the club avoid relegation from the Zweite Liga. Schalke opted for 15 million euros until David Wagner was appointed as the legal guardian.

As for another national team pillar, 1996 midfielder Cağlar Söyüncü, who arrived in Leicester last year from Germany and Freiburg, Lucescu is the team’s best defender.

Nothing happened in England – only six times at a time – the glory of the Bundesliga took place in Turkey, the number of call-ups was 24. In recent years the Bundesliga has become a force to be reckoned with. Entertainment in many ways. fighting, but a strong center (185 cm tall) is considered one of the strongest athletes from Turkey.

The sale welcomed Maguire in his early days and he lived for a while to prove himself a hero: he was the MVP of the tournament against Chelsea.

Berkay Özcan and Berkey Ozer have two other interesting stories: the first to move to Stuttgart, Hamburg; She was born in 1998 to a Turkish husband in Germany, a fast and strong athlete who decided to take the Turkish national team and play for the Ankara national team.

Ozer replaced security, one of the best schools in the country, Alinordu’s  Academy, and Fenerbahce by receiving an education in Belgium: that is, his passport was registered on May 25, 2000.

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