Mourinho ever been the answer to the spurs pochetino question

Jose Mourinho has been in charge of Tottenham for less than 48 hours and Spurs have questioned his authority.

They should not have thought about it for more than five years because he was thinking badly about a change of leadership.

So we did our best to answer three big questions about this fearless new world, which Spurs held for themselves, with the exception of Mauricio Pochettino.

What about Tottenham and Mourinho?

Not to mention the football test in this game, one of the most alive at the moment is the introduction of the English language.

This does not mean “England will play 4-4-2”, but the whole idea of ​​the team is clear enough to combine three or four short words.

How Pochettino wanted to turn Tottenham into a waterproof, as five years ago the same team thought: the Leopards would not change their place, but Spurs’ travelers have been through them for years. The team considered to be the last third, the center of the diamond, the only one, the first three – sports – is not the same as David Beckham.

Mourinho has made a name for himself with his love of team formation, which has changed from 4-2-3-1 to 4-5-1. Especially in his early days with the team, he did not want to stop that progress and did not want much training, as he was scheduled to start mid-season from Porto in 2002. Little is known about the training ground. and its players.

Who will Mourinho play in midfield?

Most Tottenham Hotspur are selective, but the right midfielder remains a hot topic.

Mourinho’s defender is a list of players who make him his “man” and the destructive power of his game is huge. His defensive opponent may be his main player as the high touch he wants to make can increase the time between the center and the defender. I follow all his work with Claude Makelele.

Costinha is remembered for the first time by joining Old Trafford, sending scoring goals to Mourinho, but defending the Porto center during his career. At Chelsea, McLaren was a big seller ($ 17 million at the time) allowing Frank Lampard to enter the box fearlessly and fill the stadium. …

When Mourinho returned to the club in 2013, Nemanja Matic was his character. Javier Zanetti at Inter Milan, Sami Khedira at Real Madrid, Marouane Fellaini at Manchester United should do it – Mourinho gives N’Golo Kante his right foot.

Each of these players plays a different, but equal, medium to defend defense when a major mistake breaks or kicks the ball easily. So who joins the list of words to be included in the “Audio” project?

First, no one can release him – even though Makelele was sold before he arrived at Stamford Bridge. So the list of candidates is interesting, Harry Winks, Moussa Sissoko and Tanguy N’Dombele are released every year: Winks is probably very green and there are enough technical players in the box, Sissoko. that he had been appointed to a high position and N’Dombele divided the land.

He may not be a favorite, as Dier has started two Premier League games this season – winning Brighton and Sheffield United – but he is painting a lot of pictures of Mourinho’s bodybuilder. He was good playing in the middle of the ball at his feet.

He has a strong defense, allowing Mourinho to issue a football license to some of the club’s most talented players, such as Jan Vertonghen or Toby Alderweireld, because Lucio has done well with Inter Milan.

How does Mourinho’s character develop a team under the rock?

Pochettino has done a good job of keeping his players on the edge for a long time, but this is the level of strength and vitality in both seasons. Finally, the wood in the box is gone.

Not much will change this situation with Mourinho, but we can learn a lot from manager Daniel Levy’s suggestion that his impact on the player’s staff was taken by his voice.

Jose is one of the most successful players in football. He has a lot of experience, he can strengthen teams and he does a very good job, said Levin. He is respected by all the teams he coaches. I hope he will bring pain and faith to the character.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. When he asked the fly, “What is the weather like?” and “why?” he began to ask. In Mourinho’s case, he is not shy about pointing three fingers their way and telling them why.

Tottenham Hotspur’s Shane Long decided to change things when Jose Mourinho beat Southampton 1-1 with a Tanguy Ndombele morning goal. Happily they continued their Champions League dream of a 2-0 win over Manchester City on Sunday night, with Lilywhites fouled after leaving the Cup final early.

Two days ago, in the last four wins, from after three, Mourinho saw that the Lilywhites were not performing and signed Gedson Fernandes in January to help the midfield. Vertonghen’s parents had to leave, and she was sad to leave. When he arrived late in court and was on the far side of the court, the 32-year-old suspect moved slightly in shock as he returned to dig.

Mourinho brought in quickly and the defender sat down quickly. Instead of letting the February cold and wearing their clothes, the Belgian country leaned forward, not looking at the square. He seems to be seeing the end of time for Spurs. The club has lagged behind the talented player since leaving Ajax in 2012, having forgotten the 2019/20 season.

Mauricio Pochettino’s shocking opening day against Aston Villa has been out of the club since he was on the list. He turned the clock 12 months later and beat Borussia Dortmund 3-0 with his left hand. After taking Son Hong-min out of the volleyball court, he finished a seven-minute run to put his name on the list.

The former Ajax player has failed to climb these days this season and has been shown several times since August, as if he was growing up all night and slowing down on the phone.

Vertonghen turned 33 in April, and Mourinho is clearly not a long-term option fact the head coach may not be on the team in July as he tries to build a team that can fight for titles in all aspects.

Tottenham Hotspur have had successful contracts over the past 12 months, with Christian Eriksen, Toby Alderweireld and Vertonghen entering the final year of their contracts last summer.

Although Alderweireld extended his contract and moved to Inter Milan instead of signing Eriksen on a free transfer, Vertonghen’s future is still in the air, in the final months of the contract.

Now he can talk to other clubs about a previous contract with the upcoming announcement, and if they want, it’s time to extend his contract with Spurs. His performance during his tenure shows that no new appointments have been made to the company after he took office eight years ago.

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